Why do guys have a morning? Why do men get up in the morning?

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Erection that occurs at night and morning hours, due to the special condition of the male sexual organ. Thanks to the spontaneous inflow of blood, the phallus significantly increases in size.

Full bladder

The question of many young people,why do guys have a member in the morning, explained earlier the cause of the overflow of the bladder, which gives a signal to the spinal center. When the stimulation of the active point reaches a maximum degree, it goes to the neighboring areas where the center of the erection is located. As a consequence, the penis is excited. Numerous medical studies in the genitourinary area have confirmed the fallacy of this statement.

why do guys have a morning

Among young people, there is another answerto the question of why the guys have a sexual organ in the morning. The reason for this can serve as dreams, which are of an erotic nature. In practice, it turns out that not all people dream about dreams, and if they dream, their theme can be connected with other events. Nevertheless, the morning erection in men is still present.

This is normal

Often the question of why the guys in the morning ismember, worried about parents of teenagers and younger boys. Morning erections seem to be an adult deviation from the norm and are explained by the early development of modern children. In fact, even in infants in the uterus, doctors observed the excitation of the genital organs.

why do guys have a morning

Anxiety about why menIn the morning there is a penis, usually expressed by adults, poorly educated people. Today, the information is widely known that the erection has a direct connection with the night phases of sleep, which in humans there are two.

A fast sleep period lasts about twenty minutes,slow reaches an hour. During the night, the phases, alternating, periodically replace each other. Dreams visit a person in a short period of fast sleep. At this time, the pulse becomes faster, the eyeballs move and the body temperature increases slightly. In this state, the penis is excited.


If a man wakes up during a fast phasesleep, then its term can be in the erect state. Such a simple explanation can be given to the question of ignorant people about why the guys have a phallus in the morning.

The theme of the morning and night erections was thoroughwas studied in the forties of the last century. A dozen young people were for a long time in the laboratory, where the equipment was installed, taking indications of brain activity and marking the onset and duration of the fast phase of sleep. Also, the behavior of sleeping people was recorded by a hidden surveillance camera.

what to do if in the morning it costs

The examination of patients confirmed the naturalthe offensive of each several night erections, a total length of about two hours. As a result of observations, it was concluded that in young, physically healthy men, the excitation of the penis occurs at night every hour and a half. The duration of standing can last from twenty to forty minutes.

With age, the incidence of nocturnal erectionssignificantly decreases and its duration is shortened. In older people over seventy, the ability to excite is still preserved, but strength and duration are minimal.

Good health

It was also established why men get upmember regularly at night. This excitement occurs in people who have a strong healthy sleep and a lot of positive dreams. Physical and nervous fatigue, chronic lack of sleep have a reverse effect on the erection.

Lack of oxygen

Understanding in detail the question of whyguys are in the morning, you should refer to the physiological aspect of the problem. When the male sexual organ is in a calm, unexcited state, the rate of blood flow in it decreases noticeably. In the daytime during wakefulness, such a state is compensated by the active activity of a person, often associated with manual labor. In this case, blood circulation occurs in the body evenly, reaching all the organs of the body.

why do men get a member

At night, the prolonged stay of the phallus inrest can lead to a lack of oxygen in the tissues. In response to the threat of hypoxia, the sex cells begin to be excited and, thus, lead to a state of erection the entire penis.

If there were no night standing, mencould quickly lose their sexual health. In other words, involuntary erection maintains the physiological state of the genital organs at the appropriate level. This property of the body is especially important for those men who do not live a regular sex life for a long time.

why men in the morning is

Night erections happen in a dream and pass usuallyundetected. But why do men have a penis in the morning? You can answer this question in the following way. Morning erection is nothing but the last night excitement that occurred in the fast phase of sleep, at the time of which a person woke up.

The absence of an erection in the morning is not a verdict!

If in the morning a man sometimes does not discoverexcitation, do not regard this fact as a health problem. When the weakening of the morning erection becomes regular, or it stops altogether for a long time, it can cause a man's anxiety and thoughts on the probable impotence. Such a mood only exacerbates the negative state. If there is a similar phenomenon, then the best option will be an immediate appeal to the doctor.

Taking into account the dependence of the fullwork of the sexual sphere from the psychological conditions of life, it can be confidently asserted that the calmer and more stable the life of a man, the less sexual problems will appear.

What determines the sexual activity?

Every person should know that sexualactivity is directly related to the activity of the heart and blood vessels. The weakening of the erection can be affected by diseases such as ischemic heart disease, atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes mellitus. A consequence of the listed diseases is the erection of erectile tissue.

Abuse of alcoholic beverages, smoking, narcotic substances not only negatively affects sexual health, but also can quickly lead to its complete loss.

A sedentary lifestyle also does not add health, and stresses and depressive states contribute to the suppression of sexual function.

why do men get up in the morning

The quality of night and morning erections canSome medicines used for a long time have a significant effect. These include diuretics, psychotropic medications, tranquilizers, antidepressants. Means that reduce blood pressure and dilate blood vessels, are also able to weaken the potency of men, not to mention night and morning excitement.

The stable operation of the reproductive system is directly influenced by the presence in the body of a sufficient amount of the hormone testosterone.


Taking into account all the above, it is possible withconfidence to assert that the morning erection is a confirmation of strong male health. Now it is clear what to do if there is a member in the morning. Of course, rejoice!

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