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Lakes are different, large and not very deepand shallow, fresh and salty, arctic and thermal, and still are pink. Absolutely unusual color of water attracts attention not only tourists, but also many scientists. An example of several such reservoirs can boast of Australia. Hiller is a pink lake located in the southwestern part of the continent on the island of Middle Island.

The size and depth of the lake

Australia: Hiller Rose Lake.

We all remember from school geography lessons thatWater objects on the maps are marked in blue. However, nature likes to ask us difficult riddles, breaking all conceivable laws and rules. One of them is Lake Hiller. Possessing a small area of ​​water and a maximum length of 600 meters, it will not impress with its size or its flora and fauna. Eyes and imagination will delight the magnificent pink color, reminiscent of strawberry ice cream. Staying in contrast to the blue of the Pacific Ocean nearby and the greenery of the eucalyptus forest around it, it can rightfully take the first place among the wonders of nature, which Australia has. Hiller - a pink lake is not the only one of its kind. For example, in Senegal there is one more, the area of ​​which is about three square kilometers, and the maximum depth is 3 meters. Retba Lake has a wide range of shades - from red to reddish.

History of discovery

A unique Australian lake was discovered in1802, the cartographer and navigator Matthew Flinders. He was extremely surprised by the unusual nature of the reservoir, the color of his water, so he took it for trial, and also made written notes in his journal.

It would be wrong to say that later thisthe place was empty, a lot of seal hunters and whalers swam to the island of Middle Island (Australia). Hiller is a pink lake, which undoubtedly attracts attention, and soon the first settlements began to appear nearby, and after a while (at the end of the 20th century) the extraction of salt from its shores began, however it did not last long and ended after six years.

The reason for the unusual color

Lake Hiller depth.

This issue is of concern to many scientists.A similar phenomenon on our planet is a rarity. And if everything is clear enough with Lake Retba in Senegal - the reason for its unusual color is halophilic archaea from the genus Halobacterium, then everything is not so unambiguous with the Australian reservoir. Even having thoroughly studied Lake Hiller (Australia), why the water is pink, scientists can not confidently answer. Most still tend to the version that the dye secrete bacteria living in the crust of salt. With all the possibilities of modern research methods, the mystery of the lake is still unsolved.

A unique and incredibly picturesque place,it would seem, should become an object of tourist business. However, remoteness from civilization and the inaccessibility of the lake is a problem for travelers. Water transport can not get to the district, because there is no navigation, so the only way is through the air. Routes are developed, and there are travel agencies that provide this service. The only negative is the high cost of tickets, which is inaccessible to most people looking to see an unusual pond. Perhaps this is for the best, and an exceptional corner of nature will be preserved in its original form.

Can I swim in Lake Hiller?

Can I swim in Lake Hiller?

Rare travelers, in spite of everything gotup to Lake Hiller, immediately ask the question: "Is it possible to swim and swim in it?" Returning to the aforementioned Senegalese reservoir Rethba, it should be said that its waters are dangerous. Possessing the highest reserves of salt, the content of which reaches 40%, it is contraindicated for recreation. It can stay no more than 10 minutes, otherwise burns may occur. Retbe has been actively mining salt since 1970, so local residents lubricate the skin with a special compound before starting work.

Lake Hiller Avtralia why the water is pink

About Lake Hiller, whose depth is very small,experts have a common opinion - the water of the reservoir, although not transparent, but absolutely harmless to human skin. In addition, because of the high level of salt content, it pushes the body to the surface, like the Dead Sea. Therefore, his visit can be one of the most vivid impressions of the holiday. If you look at it from a bird's eye view, then the spectacle is simply delicious. The saturated color of the water is separated by a strip of sandy beach from the emerald green of the forest. The amazing place that Australia has. Hiller - a pink lake, the water of which, even after standing for a while in a glass, retains its shade.

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