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Richard Winsor - British actor and dancer, is known for his role in the television series "Holocaust."

Richard Winsor

Personal life

Richard Winsor was born in 1982 in the countyNottinghamshire in England. The ability to dance was inherited by Richard, because his mother, Louella Winsor, runs the dance school. However, in childhood the boy was more interested in sports. Only at the age of 16, he really got carried away by dancing and entered the choreography college.
Richard has a good relationship with his mother, she walksfor all his performances, and Winzor calls her his main admirer and critic. In his interviews, he often recalls childhood and talks about his mother, but as for romantic relations, this part of his life is always a mystery to the press.
Currently, Richard lives in Cardiff with his friend and colleague on the series "Holocaust" by George Rainsford.

Richard Winsor personal life


Richard Winsor spent three years in the ballet school. In addition, he took music and acting lessons. About a year he toured with his ballet class, and during this time played several outstanding performances. Winsor performed at the Royal Theater of Covent Garden, danced in the production of the bolero. After graduating from the ballet school, he became a member of Matthew Born's dance project "Adventures in Cinema" (Adventures in Motion Pictures). He joined the troupe in the production of "Carmen"in 2001 and went along with other dancers on a big tour, including countries such as France and Japan. During his career, Richard Winsor took part in many different theatrical productions, for which he won the awards and love of the viewer.

In 2010 he played the role of Thomas in the Britishthe movie "Street Dances 3D" and received positive reviews. On his account there are also many other roles. His photos appeared on the pages of Elle magazine many times, and readers of this magazine called Winsor the sexiest dancer.

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