Yellow rose: the value of a beautiful flower

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Fragrant and beautiful flowers are alwaysaccompany a person on his life path. From birth to the last minutes of our stay on the perishable earth, we admire delicate violets, noble roses, refined gerberas, narcissistic narcissists, meek daisies. Flowers have long been credited with healing properties and magical abilities. Some of them could get rid of a certain ailment, others - to protect from evil eye and evil forces, the third - to bewitch a loved one. However, there is such a thing as the language of flowers, which was widely used earlier, it is not forgotten even today.

yellow rose value

Yellow rose, the significance of which today worriesmany, is also present in floral etiquette. It is believed that the language of flowers was born in the East thanks to women. Beauties who are forced to hide their faces and feelings, used flowers to convey their mood. Over time, each plant was fixed a certain value, so using flowers, it was possible to conduct a conversation and even schedule a date.

Flowers - yellow roses, tulips, a branch of lilac orjasmine, mimosa displayed different attitudes, feelings, desires. It was important not only what kind of plants they gave, pay attention to the time at which the present was presented, in which hand the bouquet was held, how - the inflorescences down or up, whether there were leaves in the composition, with thorn roses or without. If a girl pinned a flower to a dress, then in her heart there lives a reciprocal feeling for the young man, and if she adorns her hair, then it was a warning.

a bouquet of yellow roses

The rose is considered the queen of all colors.It was endowed with different meanings, depending on the presence of thorns and leaves, the shape of the flower, the shade, and also the stage of flowering. Roses called beautiful girls, the Egyptian queen Cleopatra took baths with petals of flowers. In Rome, it was considered a symbol of strict morals and an emblem of courage. Legionaries, going on a campaign, wore a wreath of fragrant roses on their heads to fill with courage. And the rose was a symbol of silence, reminding that you should not dissolve your tongue with strangers.

In the nineteenth century, the language of flowerswas used mainly for a declaration of love. And it was important not only the meaning of a particular flower, but also the combination of different plants. Today there is a revival of interest in flower etiquette. The yellow rose was not an exception. Its meaning is rather ambiguous, so some people refuse to give this flower a sunny shade. In fact, it means friendship, happiness, joy, positive emotions. If you received a bouquet of yellow roses from a loved one as a gift - do not worry, he has nothing to do with jealousy and treason. Although sometimes they can testify about betrayal, but it is rather an exception.

flowers yellow roses

Contrary to popular belief, a yellow rosethe value is exceptionally good. Composition of it means admiration and admiration, respect, sweetness of family relations. That is why bouquets of golden plants are often given at different celebrations. And the yellow rose also has meaning for the quarreled people, being a sign of reconciliation.

Do not be afraid of refined roses of the color of the sun. They carry the charge of divine energy, optimism, cheerfulness and well-being!

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