Kurbanov Omar and Ksenia Borodina are getting divorced?

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Last year Kurbanov Omar and Xenia Borodinabecame a husband and wife. Two grown-up, loving people, behind whom there was an unsuccessful marriage and a painful divorce, were to find happiness together. It all happened at first. The wedding of newlyweds in secular parties was called the main event of the outgoing year 2015. Soon Ksenia gave birth to her husband a wonderful daughter. How are the couple's relationship now, we learn in the article.

Start of relationship

Kurbanov Omar was born in Dagestan. Eastern man since childhood dreamed of a strong family. Following in the footsteps of his father, he opened a small business in Moscow. Soon it gave its fruits. At the moment, Omar has business in Russia and abroad. The first marriage of a man was unsuccessful. He was very worried about the divorce. About the past relationship will always resemble the common son of Omar.

From Ksyusha businessman met at his birthdayone of the participants of the TV project "Dom-2". According to the guy, he had never watched the show before. The couple for a long time hid their relationship. Do not forget that Borodina also had an unsuccessful marriage.

In 2015, the news boomed that Kurbanov Omar and Ksenia decided to get married. A gorgeous ring gleamed on the girl's finger.


Lush wedding

All the beau monde waited for the triumph. Many people said that Kurbanov Omar does not spare anything for his future wife, he is ready to carry it on his hands and fulfill any desire. And it happened. The event was grandiose and memorable. But first things first.

Omar Kurbanov, whose photo is presented below, looked especially beautiful on the wedding day. The athletic physique of the guy was emphasized by a suit of navy blue and a white classic shirt.

Ksenia had several outfits that evening. The first dress is classic, with a lush skirt. No ruches and flounces. Ornaments in the form of rhinestones were present on the belt and sleeves. The main element was a long veil, embroidered by hand. With a hairdress, the girl decided not to experiment: pulled out and slightly twisted curls. Everything looked very harmonious. The second dress was more light and airy. In it Xenia danced all evening.

The ceremonial part was held in the "Napoleon" hall, it accommodated 250 people. Theme of the evening is winter. At the entrance guests were greeted with snowmen, mimes. The hall was decorated with white flowers, icicles, artificial snow.

kurbanov lobster

Happy end did not work out

A few days ago in the "Instagram" XeniaBorodinoi issued an official statement that she and Omar Kurbanov are not together. The girl plans to file for divorce. The reason was the betrayal of her husband. The couple had a common daughter, Thea.

Kurbanov Omar is an oriental man. Perhaps he needs a lighter and more relaxed relationship. According to friends, Xenia is very jealous and likes to control men. Let's see how the relationship between the spouses will develop in the future, it may still end in a happy ending.

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