The divorce of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel: causes and consequences

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The most extraordinary couple has plunged the press andfans in the shock of the message of their separation. What was the reason for the divorce of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel? Let's look more closely and find out what the former spouses are saying about this.

Statements of the two sides

The divorce of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel happenedafter almost 18 years of family life. Not only their fans, but also colleagues in the field of cinema considered the couple an example of an ideal conjugal union. In marriage, Monica and Vincent were born two beautiful daughters: Deva and Leoni, who now live and are educated in Portugal.

At first, when the media only managed to seepinformation on the divorce of the couple, the only comment that Bellucci gave was as follows: "Our lives have divorced us, and if our ways are completely dispersed, we will continue to maintain a cordial relationship." In an interview with one of the famous Hollywood magazines, Monica expressed her attitude toward marriage, saying that one can never be sure how long this marriage can last.

Around the same time, the interview was given by Kassel andsaid that they are very different with his ex-wife, but perhaps that is what made their marriage so strong. When people are very different, they do not get bored every day from new sides. He also noted that they were always well together, they never waited for someone's approval.

divorce of monica Bellucci and cassel's causa

Lack of suspicion

On both sides, nothing wrong was said, andthe couple are very friendly about each other. So why did Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel divorce? It is quite reasonable to conclude that if everything in the pair were good, the couple would not divorce. Many friends and familiar couples have already noticed that the family had some problems in the relationship. But no one wanted to admit it: it was too beautiful and harmonious was this idyll, that even the most important gossip of Hollywood did not build conjectures on this ground.

When did Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel divorce?

Their divorce became known in August 2013,and yet in July of the same year the couple together with their daughters, Deva and Leoni, rested on the territory of the Greek islands, enjoying the sea and the sun. In connection with this event, it would be rather difficult to guess what the reason for the divorce of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel, because the family looked absolutely happy. However, after all, something happened that the fans of the couple did not want to hear: through their representatives, the spouses were informed of the divorce.

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Hidden problems

But in fact, there are very many momentstestified to very non-ideal relations. First of all, this place of residence. Monica Bellucci spent most of her time with her daughters in Rome, because Italy is her favorite country. While her husband Vincent almost all the time spent in Paris. It would seem that nothing terrible, because Rome and Paris are located so close to each other. But after a while Kassel bought a house in Brazil, and began to live there, constantly sharing in social networking profiles enthusiastic comments about the new housing and the natural beauty of the country.

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And where did it all begin?

Let's go back many years ago.The couple played a wedding in Monaco in 1999, after 3 years of marriage. Only the closest friends and relatives of the newlyweds were invited to the celebration. Marriage was very modest and without excessive pomposity. Then everything was just beginning, the newly-made husband and wife were infinitely happy and happy with each other.

So how did everything change, and what is the truethe reason for the divorce of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel? A year before the divorce in one of the interviews Bellucci uttered a phrase that is not sure of their future, but would very much like them to be together. This once again shows that in the relationship of a star couple there were already misunderstandings and disagreements related to living in different countries.

At 39, Monica gave birth to her first daughter, Deva.And then the rumors about problems in the pair began to appear more and more often. Because Cassel had to constantly leave for shooting and social events in France and other countries alone, while Bellucci spent all her time with her daughter in Rome and occasionally agreed to participate in the shootings.

when the Monica Bellucci and Vansan Cassel divorced

The divorce of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel, reasonstheir parting, lack of talk in the relationship - all this was discussed for a very long time in the media. It is worth noting one thing: the former spouses still provide mutual support, do not swear at each other and give love to their daughters, and this is worthy of respect.

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