Is it possible for a teenager to buy condoms, for how many years do they sell?

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A delicate topic arises from pubertyadolescents have condoms. How many years have they been sold in shops, pharmacies? To facilitate the purchase of a much-needed item abroad, mechanized vehicles have long been used. They are located in the toilet and are marked by size. To make such a decision, studies were conducted in Switzerland.

Foreign rules

According to the results of a survey of students and the calculation of sales statistics, the researchers came to the conclusion:

  • Teens hesitate to buy condoms. With how many years they sell this product, they simply do not know and decide not to protect themselves at all.
  • The inconvenience causes scoring out loud with the extraneous size of the male organ. Therefore, adolescents bought large condoms, which caused discomfort and led to a lack of consistency.
  • Low awareness of schoolchildren about the danger of free contacts is noted.
  • The number of sexually active adolescents has doubled compared to previous years. And the age of such students does not exceed 14 years.

condoms with how many years sell

To protect children from spreadingHIV diseases and protect girls from early pregnancy, it was decided to install devices with condom sizes for 12-year-olds. The results of such government care are expressed by the following factors:

  • Preservation of the psyche and a healthy body of adolescents.
  • Boys will become more clean.
  • Parents will stop being afraid for their children.

This decision was taken ambiguously in otherscountries. Early awareness of intimate affairs, on the contrary, will lead to excessive sexual activity of children - such arguments are led by experienced psychologists. But in Switzerland they think that it is more important to take care of the health of adolescents.

How are things in our country?

The Russian government is not sois interested in protecting the health of schoolchildren. This is due to the traditions of ethnic groups, where early sexual activity is condemned. However, thanks to television and the Internet, children already at the age of 12 think about how many years they sell condoms. In Russia, there is no special treatment for young customers.

with how many years do they sell condoms in Russia

A teenager can buy uncheckedcondoms. Since how many years have they been sold - no restrictions have been imposed on the law. However, some sellers in our country are puzzled when children ask for intimate supplies.

How to choose the right protection?

Adult condoms are available in sizesdiameter of 45-60 mm. The length is more often chosen as the standard. For teenagers of 12 years, the main parameter is the width, which is not more than 45 mm. If this parameter is not observed, the rubber product will jump off at the wrong time and an infection or unwanted pregnancy will occur.

Adolescents have a question, choosingcondoms: "For how many years have they been sold in stores and pharmacies in the regions?" Pharmacists are required not only to respond, but also to help sort out the type of material and choose the size. To exclude unpleasant questions, it is recommended to go to self-service departments.

Why do I need to use protective equipment?

Boys are not advised to ask earlythe question of how many years they sell condoms. Before such knowledge it is necessary to familiarize, what for in general are necessary "elastic bands". Just a huge list of sexually transmitted diseases. A few pleasant minutes can leave an imprint for life.

how many years do they sell condoms

Doctors do not want to frighten teenagers.Complete information about diseases is given so that in adult life they do not have problems with conception of the child. Only by preserving one's own health will it be possible to create a happy family in the future. Even at the age of 12, girls can be carriers of the infections that they have received from their parents.

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