How is the café different from the restaurant? Distinctive features of the restaurant from the cafe

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How is the café different from the restaurant? This issue has recently become more relevant. With the development of the restaurant business, the border between these concepts has become almost invisible. In large cities of Russia at every step there are public catering establishments open for franchises of Western companies. And this introduces even more confusion in the terminology of the Russian restaurant business. The thing is that in the US, for example, any restaurant is called a restaurant. However, in Russian this word has a narrower meaning. So, what is the difference between a café and a restaurant?

than the cafe is different from the restaurant


Before answering the question about what the cafedifferent from the restaurant, it is worthwhile to understand the origin of these words. Perhaps, there were no differences between similar institutions for a hundred-two hundred years?

"Restaurant" is a word of French origin. In the Middle Ages in Europe there were taverns and taverns. In such institutions, travelers, as a rule, stayed. Paying a small sum for an uncomplicated dish, they quenched their hunger and again went on the road. Restaurants as well (as an institution where guests can order one of the dishes offered in the menu) arose later - in the eighteenth century. And they appeared in Paris, because it was from French that this word migrated to German, English and, of course, Russian.

The origin of the word "cafe" is not easy to establish. According to one version, it, like the "restaurant", comes from French. According to another, the "cafe" came into question the Europeans from the Ethiopian region of Kaffa. But what does it mean? Most explanatory dictionaries say that a cafe is a place where you can have a snack. That is, in such an institution it is not customary to spend a lot of time.

In the origin of concepts figured out. But what is the difference between a café and a restaurant from a commercial point of view?

what distinguishes a restaurant from a cafe


There is a wide choice of dishes and drinks in the menu of the restaurant. And cooking here is a complex process. In the kitchen of the restaurant there are several employees. One is preparing cold appetizers and salads. Another man runs a hot shop. They can replace each other only in exceptional situations.

In order to understand how the restaurant differs fromcafe, it is worth taking a look at the menu. In the first institution, it can be a weighty book in leather binding. In the cafe the assortment of dishes is often presented on several pages in A4 format.

the difference between a restaurant and a cafe legally


A waiter is not just a person whoaccepts the order. It is a specialist whose work presupposes the presence of certain skills and knowledge. The waiter should know well not only the assortment of dishes, but also be able to tell the guest about how they prepare. What is the difference between a restaurant and a cafe? It differs not only in a wide range of dishes, but also in the number of employees. In the restaurant there are usually at least three waiters. In a cafe, they generally can not be. In this institution, one employee often fulfills the duties of a barman, waiter and even a cleaner.

characteristic differences of the restaurant cafe


If you ask a simple inhabitant the question of what is the difference between a restaurant, a café from a snack bar or, for example, a pizzeria, he will probably answer that in size. And it will be partly right.

Restaurant - an institution that can occupyan impressive square and located in a two-story or even three-story building. The cafe is often a small hall with a bar counter. A snack bar can include two or three tables and a display case. Such catering facilities are often found in shopping centers. With a full-fledged restaurant they have little in common.

If we talk about the appearance of the institution, thenIt is worth mentioning another feature that is often absent in a cafe. The interior of the restaurant is usually designed in any thematic style. In addition, the owner of such an institution ensures that employees fully comply with the standards of service.

What distinguishes a restaurant from a cafe legally? Both in the first and in the second case we are talking about an organization that produces and sells culinary products. Restaurant, cafe, snack bar, pizzeria, bar - all this is catering. The owner of such an organization should draw up their activities in the relevant authorities according to a certain scheme. The way he calls his business - a restaurant, cafe or dumplings, will not affect the accounting. That is, in legal terms, there is no difference between a restaurant and a cafe.

In conclusion, it should be said that the restaurant business in our country is quite young and does not have a steady upward trend. Therefore, there is no clear terminology yet.

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