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Our heroine of today is Shishkova Alena. Growth, weight of the girl and her marital status are known to you? If not, all the necessary information can be found in the article.

Shishkova alena height


Blonde Beauty was born on November 12, 1992in Tyumen. Her parents were never wealthy people. They are middle class. The girl has always been surrounded by care and love. Parents bought her the best toys and outfits. But, despite this, Alena was not a spoiled child.

At school, our heroine studied well.She was drawn to knowledge and respected teachers. In parallel with the school, the girl practiced academic vocal and learned to play the guitar. Mom and Dad Alena hoped that the daughter will build a brilliant musical career. But she chose a completely different path.

Growth of alena shishkovoy

Career Model

What kind of profession did the girl choose?The growth of Alena Shishkova allowed her to become a model. From the age of 14 she participated in various castings. One of the leading model agencies in Tyumen was interested in a long-legged blonde. Shishkova Alena, whose height was above average, learned to walk the podium correctly and posing for photographers. Soon she began to appear for fashion magazines and participate in beauty contests.

Miss Russia

2012 was a good year for Alena Shishkova.She took part in the contest "Miss Russia". The girl did not win. But the blonde managed to win the title of second vice-miss. Alena's reminiscence was remembered by her unusual and sometimes even strange answers to simple questions. The male part of the hall was subdued by the beauty and charm of Shishkova.

After the translation of the beauty contest "MissRussia-2012 "our heroine has become more in demand. The number of proposals received from producers, photographers and representatives of modeling agencies has increased. We can say that the competition served as a springboard for further career development.

Shishkova concluded a lucrative contract with Moscowmodel agency "Renaissance". She began to appear on the covers of fashion magazines. The Russian beauty drew attention not only domestic, but also foreign agencies. Alain participated in FashionWeeks, which took place in Milan, Tokyo and other cities.

Alena shishkova what growth

Personal life

High growth of Alena Shishkova and her magnificentexternal data - this could not help attracting guys. The girl has always had many boyfriends. But of them she chose the most worthy. The first serious relationship with the blonde started with the goalkeeper of Kiev "Dynamo" Maxim Koval. They met on the Internet and for a long time communicated virtually. Soon their first personal meeting took place. The guy and the girl realized that they have deep feelings for each other. Alena had to combine her studies at a Moscow university, model career and travel to her beloved in Kiev. However, their romance did not last long.

In 2012, the model met the famousrapper Timati. At that time, the heart of the guy was free. He always liked such beautiful and well-groomed girls, like Shishkova Alena. Growth, blue eyes, long hair - everything in her was perfect. And the rapper lost his head from the rushing feelings.

For a while Timati tried not to advertisehis relationship with Alena. Only his close friends and relatives knew about this. But in early 2013, information about the novel of the rapper and the model leaked into the print media. Most of the fans of Timati were sure that this is another beauty, which he will soon give up. But their relationship with Shishkova developed rapidly and soon brought the first "fruit." In March 2014, the couple had a daughter, who was named Alice. The rapper was not only present at the appearance of his first-born, but he also cut the umbilical cord connecting the mother and the child.

In May 2015, rumors of a novel Shishkova with the goalkeeper of the Moscow "Dynamo" Anton Shunin. The model itself does not confirm, but does not refute this information.

Alena Shishkov parameters and growth

Alena Shishkova: parameters and growth

Many girls are surprised at how quickly ourthe heroine was able to restore the figure after giving birth. What did Alena Shishkova do for this? What is the height and weight of her? Now you will find out about everything. With an increase of 176 cm Alain weighs only 52 kg. The same parameters were in her before pregnancy. For 9 months, the girl scored just over 12 kg, which got rid of in a short time. What is the secret of her harmony? To begin with, Shishkova never starved herself and did not follow strict diets. She regularly visited the gym and ate fractional (5-6 times a day). For today, the parameters of her figure are 86x60x90 cm.

Our heroine is not going to stay in thematernity leave. She has already brought herself in shape, and therefore, very soon will continue to participate in fashion shows and photo sessions. Many people can envy her stubbornness and optimism.


We told about where she studied and thanks to which Shishkova Alena became famous. The growth, weight and marital status of the model were also voiced in the article. We wish her success in her career and happiness in her personal life!

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