Actress Ksenia Knyazeva: biography, personal life, filmography

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"Love Out of Competition", "Poor Baby", "Onbridge "," Cadets "," From 180 and above "," Servant of Sovereigns "- films and serials, thanks to which the audience was remembered by actress Ksenia Knyazeva. Her path to fame began with participation in the beauty contest, then the girl declared herself as a model and only after that she began to act in films. What can you tell us about the star?

Actress Ksenia Knyazeva: the beginning of the road

The star was born in Sergiev Posad,it happened in August 1982. She was born in the family of an entrepreneur and a choreographer. Ksenia Knyazeva spent her first years in Krasnoyarsk. In school years, she loved to read, wrote her own stories. She also seriously studied ballet, but did not intend to associate her life with the stage. Ksyusha dreamed about the career of a journalist, the everyday life of reporters seemed to her exciting and eventful events.

actress Xenia Prince

Xenia was barely 15 when she sawannouncement of the beauty contest. Knyazeva reacted to her participation as a joke, was very surprised when she entered the number of finalists and was awarded the title "Miss Krasnoyarsk-97".

Model career

Having won a beauty contest, the futureactress Ksenia Knyazeva attracted the attention of representatives of the modeling agency. School lessons gradually fell into the background, the beauty began to pose for magazines, master the art of defile and participate in the shows. At that time, she had not yet given up her dream of enrolling in the Faculty of Journalism at Moscow State University, but decided to postpone her implementation for later.

ksenia princeva actress personal life

When Knyazeva turned 16, she entered the numberfinalists of the prestigious contest Elite Model Look. The girl began to take part in overseas fashion shows, traveled all over Europe, visited the States and Japan. Gradually, she realized that she did not want to associate her life with journalism.

Cinema and theater

In 19 years, the future actress Ksenia Knyazeva is no longershe doubted that she wanted to act in films. The girl submitted documents to several metropolitan theatrical high schools, eventually became a student of the Moscow Art Theater School. She was admitted to the course, headed by Zolotovitsky and Zemtsov. In 2006, Knyazeva received a diploma, shortly after that she joined the creative team of the Moscow Art Theater named after Chekhov. "With your loved ones, do not part" - the production in which Xenia made her debut.

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Knyazev was on the set for the first time,even when she studied at the Moscow Art Theater School-Studio. The beginning actress made her debut in the military drama "Cadets", then she played in the flamboyant comedy "From 180 and up". The girl's main role went to the musical "Poor Baby", designed for family viewing.

For the first time Xenia and her talent started talkingthanks to the family drama "Stepfather", in which she played a key role. To consolidate success to her helped the paintings "Servant of the Tsar", "Love-Carrot" and "On the Bridge", approvingly received by spectators and critics. Then Knyazeva starred in the melodrama "The road leading to happiness", flashed in the comedy "Plato", the psychological tape "Montecristo" and the family saga "Buy a friend."

Personal life

Ksenia Knyazeva is an actress whose personal life is notmay not occupy the public, given its popularity. The girl prefers to hide her first love name from everyone. This feeling has overtaken her during her stay in Krasnoyarsk. Love was unhappy, but the star is grateful for the experience gained.

Xenia Prince's actress and her children

Ksenia Knyazeva is an actress whose husband isPavel Hayrapetyan. Her star was met by the star in the bank branch, which she visited to solve the financial problems that arose. Accidental acquaintance with the banker was fatal, lovers did not confuse the age difference, which is nine years.


To 35 years not only to become famous, but also to give birthKsenia Knyazeva had two daughters. The actress and her children often posed for magazines together. Girls-twins were called Vasilisa and Arina. For the sake of daughters Xenia for the time refused from her favorite work, but quickly returned to the system. She demonstrated to the world that she was not going to turn into a housewife and immerse herself in everyday life.

"Give me Sunday," "Stirlitz's Wife,"Love is out of the competition," "Smart" - a relatively recent projects in which Ksenia Knyazeva starred. The actress, whose personal life and filmography are discussed in the article, while keeping her creative plans in secret. It is possible that soon fans can expect a pleasant surprise.

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