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Now consider interesting facts about pandas. Let us note that these animals are one of the most amazing and at the same time lovely creatures on the whole Earth.


Few know that this animal was discoveredrelatively recently, less than 300 years ago. In this great panda managed to hide from people about 70 years after the discovery, not falling into anyone's hands.

These days these animals have become not so rare, but until now many scientists claim that these animals still have many secrets that the researchers have yet to learn.


Nevertheless, a few discoveries have been made by scientists. Let's look at interesting facts about pandas:

1. It's no secret that the constant food of these animals is bamboo. However, in addition to it, these animals often eat food of animal origin.

interesting facts about the big panda
2. The red panda is a species from the superfamily of the martens. In addition, it includes skunks, cuni and raccoon families.

3. If you are looking for interesting facts about the big panda, then the next one is just about it. When the big panda got caught and examined, scientists agreed that it was an animal - a large raccoon. Only after several centuries the researchers conducted a genetic test, which showed that this is a kind of bear.

4. Newborn large pandas gain weight very quickly. So, at birth, the baby weighs no more than 150 grams and within 2-3 months picks up up to 6 kilograms.

5. These animals, both large and small, differ from other bears by the number of fingers on their forepaws. To herbivorous it was easier to grab bamboo, nature awarded them with six fingers.

6.Adult individuals of pandas can reach sizes as black bears. The length of an adult can reach one and a half meters, and weight - 150 kilograms. However, the pandas are not able to move as fast as their relatives.

7. All large pandas are born pure white, like northern bears. Only after seven days they begin to appear black spots, which make them look like adult pandas.

interesting facts about pandas
8. Skin of newborn red pandas only after three months becomes similar with the color of adult animals. Until then, the wool of the toddlers remains beige.

9. In order for an adult to feel comfortable in a natural environment, she needs about 10 kilometers in a square of free space.

10. In a natural environment, a large panda can live up to 20 years. And in captivity, some individuals live to 25-27 years.

11. Red panda lives much less. So, on average, this animal lives 10 years, under conditions created by man, - up to 20 years.

Other interesting facts

Continuing to tell interesting facts about pandas,we will clarify that these animals are very hidden. Therefore, they are one of the most rare and unexplored species of bears. Panda is 80 percent genome coincides with the dog. Similarity with a person on the same grounds is 68 percent.

In the summer, the panda can climbheight of 4 thousand meters. She does this in order to find a more comfortable environment for her with a low temperature. Half an hour these animals absorb food. At the same time they are able to eat bamboo about 13 percent of their weight.

In winter, the panda does not sleep, because because of a kind of food, it can not accumulate enough subcutaneous fat.

After the birth, the cubs of pandas spend at least one year near their parents before settling into independent life. Some babies spend about 2-3 years near their mother.

interesting facts about panda
What other interesting facts about pandas?For example, the fact that in the wild almost no such animals remain. They are considered an endangered species. This is not surprising, because pandas live only in China, in certain areas. In total there are about 1500-1700 wild animals. In China, a panda is considered a national treasure. Therefore, for the murder of this bear is provided for the death penalty.


Now you know interesting facts about the panda. We hope that the information was useful to you.

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