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Everyone is familiar with the situation when in the summer heat overbarefoot apple very quickly appear flying creatures - tiny and very annoying. We are talking about "fruit" mosquitoes. They are still popularly called "kislitsami." Each of us pronounced this already become sacramental phrase: Where does the midge come from? "

Where does the midges come from?
Let's turn to science

Moss live no more than a day, but larvae have timepostpone a great many, providing us with a lack of loneliness. These representatives of the family Diptera (Diptera) number more than 2,000 species. Common throughout the world, the most famous genus of the family is the fruit fly (Drosophilia). This is the very "fruit" midge. Their favorite place is the tropics and subtropics. The moisture of the Hawaiian Islands contributed to the habitation and reproduction of more than 300 species of fruit flies.

These small insects are 10 times larger in sizeless than usual flies. Rotting plant substance is their favorite haven, that's where the midge comes from. Any fruit, vegetable or foul food is their prey. Flowers, though fresh, though planted in pots, can also be their haven. Even in a container with a chemical substance or cream in the bathroom, these "school children" can live.

Where do mice come from outside?
At their sizes, to penetrate into any gap is a simple task. If you are wondering about where the midges come from in the apartment, and do not find the answer, read the article next.

Package (even closed) with groats, nuts in a box,seasoning to dishes, a wet tea bag, bowls of domestic animals, dishwashers that are not washed in time, a jar of jam, spoiled bread, a trash can (closed), sinks, sinks, sewerage in the house - these "pranksters" will make their way there too. Now you have learned about where the midge comes from. People who often have to travel a distance on a bicycle along the river, note this feature. Moving along the same road, in a certain place, they inevitably encounter a swarm of midges, which suddenly fly into all the open holes on the body. Sensation is not pleasant. The reason is simple: in this place on the shore for certain there is a large pit with stagnant water. But spoiled substances of vegetable origin are almost everywhere, so the answer to the question of where the mice come from outside is already clear.

where do the midges come from?
What to do?

Enough to endure and wait, it's time to act!To clap hands in the hope of killing them all is a very tiring and stupid occupation. Or maybe you can drown the midges? Do not forget: they are waterfowl, so flood them with water, too, does not make sense. But there is a way, and simple enough. In a plastic cup (from yogurt, for example, which you do not even need to wash), put the lure in the form of a peel of lemon / banana / watermelon / grapes. Cover it with a transparent food film that adheres well to the edges of the cup (practically sticks). Then, with a large needle, make a few small holes. That's all! Inside the midge flies easily, and back ... In general, caught! A glass in the closed form is thrown out, and it is better - it is destroyed mechanically. But do not forget the main rule: you can not create favorable conditions for the life of these insects. Now you know not only about where the midge comes from, but also about how to get rid of it.

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