Metro Moscow: development plan for the near future

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The Moscow Metro is the most popular publictransport of the capital. For sure, there will not be a single resident of the city, who at least once did not go down into the subway. Of course, moving around on a private car is convenient, comfortable, but not always fast and appropriate. And, unfortunately, not all Muscovites have this same car.

The subway network does not cease to expand, asand Moscow itself. Undoubtedly, the residents of the city, its guests want to know in which direction the growth and development of the Moscow metro is taking place. The development plan is one of the most discussed topics lately. It is noteworthy also for those who plan to purchase real estate and expects the proximity of the metro station. That is why we decided to present to all not indifferent readers the plan for the development of the Moscow metro until 2020.


Before the final development plan was approved, there were several projects under consideration, which I want to tell our readers about. The most interesting and famous projects were "Big ring of Moscow Metro "and" Chord Line of the Moscow Metro. "The general plan was supposed that by 2025 the total length of the Moscow subway lines will reach 650 km.

Metro Moscow: development plan

Current development

If you travel quite often on the metroMoscow, the plan for its development is for sure an interesting and relevant topic for you. So, the prospects for the next few years are fixed in the resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation. But do not forget that some adjustments and changes are possible.

So, at the beginning of the past (2016), it was decidedextend the Sokolniki line from the station "Salarievo". Thus, there will be a new site with a length of 9 km. It will be presented by 4 new stations. The Moscow government will allocate about 40 billion rubles for the extension of this branch. The next section of the Sokolnicheskaya Line will expand in the direction of the Kaluga Highway (Novaya Moskva). Crossing with him, according to preliminary plans, will hide in the tunnel.

2017 will be dedicated to developmentLubelsko-Dmitrovskaya. Admittedly, transport accessibility in this direction is a real problem for the residents. But even the appearance of the new station "Seligerskaya" will not solve the problem to the full extent - residents of new areas will still have to use land transport.

Plan for the development of the Moscow Metro to 2020

The Kozhukhov line is another significant object,specified in the short term development of the Moscow metro. The development plan assumes that it will proceed from the new residential areas of Nekrasovka and Kosino to the station "Nizhegorodskaya".

Summing up

New Moscow - a grandiose and ambitious projectgovernment of Moscow. That is why this direction has been chosen as a priority, the Moscow subway will actively grow and develop in that direction. While it is difficult to say, by what year the site will be covered by stations, but the changes have already begun. Of course, most stations in this direction will be terrestrial, which will not affect the popularity of the Moscow metro. The development plan does not cease to be updated, so follow the nearest news in order to always stay informed of all changes.

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