Property is the right to what?

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For everyday life, property isbelonging of some things to certain persons or groups of persons. And this means that each of these people can use this thing as they want. This assumption is due to the relationship of a person to what he has.

In the scientific sense, property isa social concept that reflects a complex system of relationships between social groups, individuals and classes. The nature of the property depends on the forms of exchange, distribution and consumption. In the process of economic development, the forms of ownership had the property of changing, based on the development of productive forces.

Economic interest is expressed in the desirepeople meet their needs and needs. In the conditions of the social distribution of labor, it is an important stimulus in the growth of exchange and production. And economic interests are mostly quite contradictory. So, the owner of the company is interested in maximizing profits and reducing costs for wages. And hired workers, in turn, are interested in increasing pay.

property is
Property Relations and Contradictions of Interestsmanifest themselves during a competitive struggle, when everyone seeks to dislodge the enemy. In this case, a variety of measures are taken into play: the knocking down of prices, and secret agreements, and depriving competitors of loans, raw materials, etc. Property is the cause of many disagreements. Such a stumbling block.

The state regulates the protection of rightsproperty, which is fixed in the laws. It also acts as one of the mandatory conditions for market exchange and interaction between the seller and the buyer.

When an entrepreneur has in his possessionproperty, this stimulates him to use it to the maximum: to use resources. Collective property also encourages the holders to use it rationally.

property relations
Speaking about the collective property, it is necessary to mention and its other forms. It is also private and public.

Private property:the results and means of production are in the possession of individuals. Collective is characterized by belonging to a group of individuals, where each of them is the owner of the products and factors of production. Public ownership is an asset that belongs to all of humanity. State property is also considered.

There is still such a kind of property asintellectual. This is the result of a person's mental activity, the creation of his mind. It can be of two types: industrial property and copyright. The first is patents, industrial designs, trademarks, etc. And the second - artistic and literary works, architectural structures, etc.

industrial property

Ownership of property gives a personsatisfaction and sense of responsibility for how effectively the resources of society are being used. And profit-seeking owner as a result will be able to achieve benefits for society as a whole.

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