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Karina Harchinskaya is well known in Ukraine. She is known not only as a winner of beauty contests, but also as a competent instructor in yoga, and as a talented singer.

Biography of Karina Kharchinskaya

Ukrainian model Karine Kharchinskaya this yearturns 33 years old. She was born in the town of Rovenky (Lugansk region) on November 9, 1983, under the sign of Scorpio. Karina Kharchinskaya studied at the same time in two schools - in physics and mathematics and modeling, which she successfully graduated in 2001.

Further, the girl graduated inKyiv National Economic University. Hetman. In 2006, she graduated from the Faculty of Finance and Economics with a degree in Public Finance Management.

After graduation from the university Karina got a jobin the department of the Ministry of Finance, where she did not last long. Ordinary office work quickly bored with an active and beautiful girl. Therefore, she entered the Kiev National University of Theater, Film and Television. Karpenko-Kary and took part in beauty contests. Now she is engaged in vocal, choreography and yoga.

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Development of the modeling career of Karina Kharchinskaya

In 2004-2005, in the modeling career of KarinaKharchinskaya had a short break due to personal problems. The young man of the beautiful girl was very jealous. In order not to make the guy nervous, Karina decided to leave the modeling business. But in 2006, after a break in relations, she resumed her activity in the Kiev agency Star Model Group. In the same year the model took part in Miss Earth Ukraine competition and became its winner.

Also Karina Harchinskaya in the fall of 2006represented Ukraine at the annual international beauty contest called Miss Earth, which was held in the Philippines. This prestigious competition is the third in the world. The model won five titles: "Miss Queen Earth Fashion", "Best Swimsuit", "Grand Prix 5", "2nd Vice-Miss Internet Voting" and "Vice Miss Evening Gown".

During his career model Karina Kharchinskayatook part in many advertising campaigns of famous brands. She became the face of such brands as Foxtrot, Roshen, Samsung, Principess Group, LG and Lasunka.

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Career of the singer Kharchinskaya

After the victory in the Philippines on arrival in Ukraineher life was filled with new events and impressions. Harchinskaya was often invited to an interview on television. Once a beautiful woman was invited to join the Queens music group. For the first time in her composition, Karina appeared on the stage as a singer in 2007.

Then began touring all over Ukraine, shootingclips, recording of songs. In Queens, the girl worked for a year and a half, but then decided to try to realize herself in the solo program and recorded a few songs ("Hello", "You look for me," Felicita).

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Yoga with Karina Kharchinskaya

After a month's stay in India in ashramsKharchinskaya actively began to practice yoga. And when the girl was offered to lead the project "Yoga" on the TV channel MAXXI TV, she gladly agreed. Karina works as an instructor and offers her lessons online. She also plans to open her own yoga center, where classes will be held for people of different sex and age.

Beauty tends to the harmony of the inner world,so I developed an individual course that allows me to "understand" my body in a short time. The Internet has already presented more than 30 video tutorials from Kharchinskaya, which can be downloaded or viewed online. The model and the singer produces CDs with recordings of exercises on strip-plastic.

By the technique of a charming instructor, yoga should be practiced daily. Particularly beneficial effect morning exercises, contributing to the internal transformation of man and getting rid of stress.

On the lessons of "Yoga with Karina Kharchinskaya" on the Internetmany positive reviews. A beginner instructor has a large audience of regular students. Also the model offers a course for pregnant women. Yoga lessons are aimed at improving the body, maintaining inner harmony and the external beauty of the body.

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Karina Harchinskaya: personal life

Serious relations with Karina Kharchinskaya were withdirector of the XS group Alexander Popov. The chosen model is thirteen years older than her. They met in a restaurant, at a time when the girl was experiencing a break with a guy. In the period of relations with Alexander Karina learned to dive with scuba diving and ride a sports bike.

Who is Karina Kharchinskaya's husband? This question interests many of her fans. Alexander Popov and Kharchinskaya planned to play a wedding, but for unknown reasons the marriage was postponed.

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Hobbies and favorite pursuits of Kharchinskaya

The yoga instructor, model and singer loves animals very much. She has a cat Masyanya, a chinchilla and a dog. Favorite cartoons of Karina are "Mamma for Mammoth" and "Panda Kung Fu".

Charming girl knows how to dance not onlystrip dance, but also salsa. She also enjoys reading psychological literature. His favorite pastime is traveling and visiting new beautiful places. Karina calls herself "aesthetics in everything." The girl loves beautiful things and good wines.

Karina Kharchinskaya, photo of which is presentedyour attention in the article, found a pedagogical gift, she likes to teach women yoga and strip dance. Preparing classes for students, the model and the yoga instructor are constantly discovering something new. Let us wish success in all your endeavors to this beautiful girl!

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