What is fertile day and how to correctly identify it

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What is a fertile day?There is a period before and after ovulation, during which the probability of conceiving sharply increases. These days are called fertile. At this time, the egg is fully ready for fertilization.

How to determine the fertile period

Of course, the very understanding of what isfertile day, does not do any good in practice. But if you know how to determine these most favorable periods for conceiving, you can protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy or, conversely, increase the likelihood of conception of the baby.

What is a fertile day

There are two ways to determine the onset of the fertile period.

  1. By the color of the discharge. Before ovulation, the uterus's mucus becomes less dense and transparent. It is saturated with salts, glucose and proteins, resulting in an environment ideal for spermatozoa.
  2. By body temperature.Before ovulation, the basal body temperature of women rises by several degrees due to an increase in the level of the hormone progesterone. Determine the temperature is best in the morning before rising from bed. It is recommended to take measurements several months in a row for more accurate results.

It is worth noting that the fertile day of the cycle may shift under the influence of adverse factors - such as lack of sleep, stress, alcohol and others.

Fertile days can be conceived

How correctly to measure the basal temperature

Basically, the basal temperature is determined inrectum, but you can also measure it in your mouth or vagina. It is necessary to use the same thermometer and conduct the procedure necessarily every day (including during menstruation), at the same time.

Calculation of fertile days

To understand what a fertile day is and howcorrectly determine it, you need to know exactly when you will ovulate. The most appropriate time for conception is the last day before ovulation. And this is a completely logical rationale - the egg is ready for fertilization only a third of a day, and spermatozoa exist for one or two days, no more. And you need to accurately calculate when the conditions favorable for conception coincide.

Fertile cycle day

To begin with, you need to keep a schedule of yourmenstrual cycle. This will help determine when you will ovulate. And already being guided by it, you can easily calculate your fertile days. It is possible to become pregnant with greater probability around the middle of the cycle. Suppose, if its duration is 28 days, then ovulation will come on the 14th.

Rules for calculating fertile days

  1. During the course of the cycle, it is necessary to follow at least three to four months, and sometimes more, depending on the regularity of menstruation.
  2. The number of days in the longest menstrual cycle must be taken away 11. The resulting number will be the last fertile day of the cycle.
  3. Further from the number of days in the shortest cycle you need to take 18. As a result, you will receive the last fertile day.

If you know exactly what a fertile day is and how to determine it, your chances of getting pregnant will increase many times. The effectiveness of this method of calculation reaches 85-90%.

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