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In our life there are certain events,which people can accept or not accept. But the souls of many are already beginning to seek explanations for events, relationships, everything that occurs in their lives. After reading the next book on psychology or having visited the training, they understand that some events begin to come to them. Many are shocked and are denied knowledge. And Vladimir Zhikarentsev is not the first to make attempts to reveal to people what is so deep in each of them with his books. But are people ready to receive this knowledge? Let's talk about this in our article.

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Vladimir Zhikarentsev was born in 1953year in Astrakhan. Then there was a study at the school and the Leningrad Institute of Aviation Instrumentation. He is married and has a son. Vladimir received a technical education, but from his youth he was interested in Eastern philosophy, hidden opportunities of man, his place in the universe. In those early years, there was no Internet, and books in libraries on this knowledge were either missing or issued in doses, only in the reading room. So the information on the knowledge of his interest was necessary, as they say, to get. In the foreign literature, this knowledge was. Therefore, Vladimir Zhikarentsev is accepted for studying foreign languages, devoting this most of the time. With the help of English, French, Japanese, Chinese, Hindi, he absorbed books with the knowledge that he would use to write his works.

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Informal movement

Occultism did not pass by the inquisitive youngrights. In the 80's he studies materials on this topic, but realizes that this is nothing more than a game of the mind that disorients a person, and does not help him to gain freedom and deep knowledge. As a result, he abandons this hobby. In its place comes the idea to join, and then take one of the leading places in the peacekeeping movement "Watch of the World". This movement is rapidly spreading in the cities of the Soviet Union and abroad.

In foreign literature on psychology, whichstudied Vladimir Zhikarentsev, the emphasis was on the internal changes of man, due to which, there are external real changes. Realizing this, Jikarentsev leaves the movement and directs his knowledge and experience to work with people. Since 1991, he has been holding seminars, one of which is on gaining internal strength.

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Study in England and the USA

In the fall of 1991, Vladimir Zhikarentsev went tostudy in England. He deals with the rector of the Zen Buddhist monastery, where he comes to understand that "thought is everything." Since that time, scientific research has begun in the areas of the human psyche that interests him, systematization of the acquired knowledge takes place and the first publications appear. At the same time, Vladimir is studying the unique "Unicorn" method, discovered by the famous American psychoanalyst Roger La Chance, conducting seminars on human development.

School of Peace

Having received a certain amount of knowledge, Zhikarentsevreturns to the idea of ​​creating the School of Peace, whose goal is to help people solve their problems. And it exists for the simple reason that people who passed seminars in it who read Jikarentsev's books are grateful for the help they receive. Seminars are held in the School on an ongoing basis. It is a learning center in which people learn about the mind of a person.

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As the teaching, about which he writes in hisbooks of the Jikarens, all the strengths and knowledge that people are used to looking outside themselves, are actually contained in the mind. At seminars people get skills to master the mind and, as a result, to own one's own life.

Three books by Zhikarentsev

The result of research and work on yourself, andalso passed the course of the Teachers, who have an oriental knowledge, there were books written in different years. In the first work, consisting of three books with the general title "The Path to Freedom" Vladimir Zhikarentsev in books reveals the causes of problems. He believes that people's misconceptions lie in the fact that they do not accept the material world, which, it seems to them, is the main source of their suffering and misery.

Vladimir Zhikarents the way to freedom
Escaping from solving earthly problems, people seekfaster to get to the Paradise, which they themselves drew. But, if it was not necessary to pass earthly lessons, no one would be born on earth. Therefore, the lessons must be passed and some experience is learned. In this book, the author tried to outline the principles of searching for the causes of problems in this life, and also gave methods of working with mental energy.

Everyone has his own path

Next, the fourth in a row, the book - "Life withoutborders ". In it the author acquaints readers with the laws of the dual world. They are just as real as the laws of gravity. And if violations of the laws of gravity have certain consequences, then the violation of the laws of the dual world leads to catastrophic consequences in human life. The book can be for someone incomprehensible. Just do not be upset. Hence, a certain circle of readers did not think about the things described in the book, although at the subconscious level every person with a written sign. "Life without boundaries" just brings the reader to the idea that all knowledge is in man, just need to stir them up. People are different, and there are no boundaries in their lives. Everyone is free to choose the Way of his development, which should not be the subject of disputes and discussions.

life without borders

Reviews of seminars and books

There is such a very correct expression "Whenthe disciple is ready - the Teacher comes. " It describes the attitude of people to any knowledge as best as possible. People who are purposefully looking for something in life, for example, Vladimir Zhikarentsev, who studied languages ​​in order to gain knowledge, eventually get what they came to. There is a category of people who, having not understood the subject of the conversation or understanding nothing from the book read, stigmatizes the interlocutor or the author of the book. Vladimir Zhikarentsev reviews this kind of gets from the "connoisseurs of the genre", who convict him in an attempt to get the reader to think and reflect, but get a mess and mess. Alas, but such people are simply not ready to read these books. It just has to be understood that such books are not for the mass reader and not for reading before going to bed. This is quite serious work, on the read material that you need to think about.

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People who go to the seminar know why theyit's done. After the seminar, there is no negative feedback, as people leave the seminars with answers to many questions that worried them. It is always bright impressions, communication with people, as well as a vision of oneself through the participants of the seminar. There are always moments at workshops that help participants find answers to the questions they have come up with. Participants report that radical changes do not take place in life, but there is an inner calm, which is noticed by the relatives and the environment of participants in the seminars.

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