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A friendly sun, a gentle breeze, the first,barely awakened, flowers ... Yes, it's all a favorite awakening of nature - spring. And the first about the coming of spring is announced by birds returning from warm countries. They begin to diligently equip their nests to breed. And if it's easy to distinguish spring birds from winter crops, then it's not easy to determine the owners by the nest.

The first messengers of spring

About the birds arriving in the spring, they say back inschool. Spring birds fly in small flocks, and the first appear chaffinch. If you get close to the finch closer, then you can see how beautiful the bird is: what tones do not cast its feathers! And green, and red, and brown, and on his head flaunts a blue "cap". From afar, the finch is seen through the white stripes on the wings and back.

After the finches fly thrush, and in Russia, inmiddle belt, the first birds are rooks. Then in the parks you can find zaryanki, redstarts and varacus. These birds are distinguished by a bright coloring of feathers, for example, the bluebread of the Bluethroat, and the feathers of all colors are red and blue, and greenish, and even red.

Each bird tries to return to its oldnest. Swallows arriving in April are no exception. Swallows Russian people are very fond of and respect. Many signs are associated with them. For example, if a swallow flies low over the ground, then it will rain soon. Nest of swallows people try to protect until next spring.

nest of swallows

Birds and their nests

An amazing fact, but birds are capable of building the most grandiose structures. But how much do we humans know which bird is which nest?

The places arranged by birds for laying eggs differ from each other, and at times very drastically. But all kinds of bird nests can be divided by their location:

  1. Ground jacks. They are built mainly from grass, leaves and small knots. In Russia, in land "apartments" live a sandpiper, hazel grouse and a seagull.
  2. Nests in the mountains. Located on a rocky terrain, they are built by birds of prey, such as a falcon.
  3. On the trees. Of all that can be found, build nests at low altitudes, our spring birds - finches and thrushes. It is very interesting that the nests have a "cement" base of clay and sand.
  4. On the water / in the hollows. Less common nests, but taking place in the lives of some birds. So on the water live black terns, and in the hollows - owls and woodpeckers.
  5. Sand holes. Some birds with their beaks pull out a hole in the sand, and then bring straw or grass to it. This is the nest of the swallow-gerbil.
    spring birds

How to distinguish a swallow from other birds?

Swallow size is very small, with a smallhead. The feet are short and thin. Male and female differ in color, although most often with the naked eye this difference is invisible. Most swallows spend in the air, but if you go down to the ground, you can see how awkward their walk. Birds feed on insects. It is noteworthy that they are able to hunt only in flight.

The main feature of the exterior of the swallows is a forked tail, reminiscent of a slingshot.

when birds build nests

Birds have a friendly character, so withother birds do not conflict, but with individuals of their species and do not live nearby. If a larger predatory bird attacks the swallow, it not only bravely fights, but also to the last will defend its nest. If a cat or a man gets into the nest, you can be sure: a small bird will selflessly defend its property.

Types of swallows

It is difficult to find a man in Russia, who never inlife did not see the swallow. But not only that the swallow can be found on the territory of the Russian Federation, so there is more than one species. In our country there are about 7 varieties of this bird:

  1. Rustic (killer whale) swallow.By the name you can guess: this bird is well known to the villagers. The swallow has a completely black back, and the neck and forehead are red-brown in color. The swallow's nest is made up of straw, clay and, surprisingly, feathers and hair, which are one of the most enduring materials for birds.
  2. Red-swallow swallow.She looks a bit like a swallow of the previous species, but she has several long black feathers above her tail. Surprisingly, sometimes the melancholy song of a red-swallow swallow resembles the mewing of a cat or even a small kitten.
  3. The shore swallow. The beregovushka is practically the smallest swallow of all available species. The beak is rather short and hard, and the color is inconspicuous - gray-brown plumage.
  4. Little Swallow. Outwardly, it resembles a shore, but the bird is smaller in size. Usually fly away around the end of August, but the arrival of small swallows is fixed in late March - early April.
  5. Mountain swallow. It is also called rocky. In color it resembles a brown one, but it has an amazing patterned tail, which is best seen when flying.
  6. Nitekvostaya swallow.So this species is called because the males on the tail have two thin and long, pen-like threads. The nitechtostal swallow also has a dazzling white breast and an orange head.
  7. The white-haired swallow.The swallow has a black color with a blue-metallic tint. Unfortunately, in Russia very few specimens of this species were recorded, so many ornithologists do not at all recognize the existence of these swallows on the territory of our country.

species of bird nests

This is not all existing kinds of swallows. But even from this small list, we can conclude about their diversity.

Places of swallows distribution

A country swallow is easy to meet in anycorner of Russia. As for the shore swallow, it is easier to name where it is impossible to meet: in Australia and Antarctica. Red-tailed swallows live on the shores of Lake Baikal, as well as in southern Italy and Sicily. For the winter they, like most swallows, fly to Africa and India.

Rocky swallow lives in the highlands. In Russia it is the territory of the Caucasus and Crimea. White-tailed swallow can be found in North America, and it winters in South America and Mexico.

which bird is which nest

Where do the swallows nest?

Swallows are very attached to places arrangedfor laying eggs. When birds build nests, their location becomes the only place a swallow can remember. The instinct is so blind that if the swallow returns to feed the chicks, and the nest is not in its original place, then it will by mistake begin to feed strangers.

The village swallow prefers not to fly forthe limits of a village or a village, so its nest is usually there. Sometimes killer whales get used to people and nest right under the roofs of houses. There they are easier to get food, and there is protection from wind and rain.

The shore and small swallows nest near the water, digging holes in the sand with their beaks. They live in small groups, colonies.

Rocky swallow prefers to build a nest inmountains or rocks, away from people and noise. Although there are nests located in the walls of block houses and tunnels. Its cup-shaped nest is built of clay, saliva and grass.

The Swallow's Swallow Period

The swallow season lasts from May toAugust, and during this time the female makes two clutches of eggs. In one clutch - up to 7 eggs. Two weeks later the chicks appear. After 3 weeks, spent in the nest, the chicks are able to fly, so they start to feed themselves. Females choose their partners for a long period, and in choosing the orientation of the length of the tail: the male with the longest tail wins.

Sometimes males are left alone for the season. Then, upon returning from wintering, they begin to help other couples in the construction of the nest and even feed the chicks.

arrival of swallows

Signs associated with swallows

About one of the signs mentioned above:If the swallow flies low, then it must be raining. But there are others. For example, if a swallow is nesting at the roof of a house, then good and kind people live in this house. But if you harm the swallow, then misfortunes and sorrow will persecute for a long time. If you destroy the swallow's nest, then the face will have freckles - also quite an interesting sign. If the swallows arrive earlier than usual, then the year will be productive. And if you take a stone from the bird's nest, it will become a talisman and charm.

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