Aquapark "Banana Republic" in Evpatoria: summer entertainment

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Summer, heat, beach tired and want something new ... It is worth to go to the water park "Banana Republic" - the largest in the Crimea! The water park occupies an area of ​​about 40 000 m.2, and every summer day thousands of tourists come here.

Water Park or Easter Island?

"Banana Republic" can be seen from the highwaythanks to the original design. Huge idols - brothers of stone idols from Easter Island - stand guard over summer entertainment. The entire territory of the water park is a continuous lawn, where you can fearlessly walk barefoot. Beautiful photos are obtained in a photozone, made in the form of a tropical island. Wooden bridges, lush flower gardens, sculptures, abundance of palm trees allow you to make really summer photos and videos.

Extreme entertainment for adults

But the main reason why everyone goes to the water park "Banana Republic" is a roller coaster.

12 different descents, causing incredible emotions, make yelling for the joy of even adults. In the "Banana Republic" the highest descents in the Crimea!

From the 23-meter height of the rocket "Raketa" descent runs at an angle of 75˚, giving a sense of flight.Extreme altitude differences in open descents "Tsunami", "Orange" and "Kamikaze" are loaded with adrenaline. "Milky Way" starts at a height of 20 m and over 205 m you can descend on a raft or circle. Ride from below-up is possible on the attraction "Turbo". What a person feels during a tsunami, you learn on the hill of the same name.

The slides of the water park

And yet there are funny whirlpools "Frisbee" and "Jug", an unusual "Sphere", "DNA" and "Zebra", the family "Tramplin" and others.

To rest from the extreme, many go on a voyage along the Amazon River, which flows through the entire entertainment complex.

Do not be bored and visitors who prefer a relaxing stay. For them, a 50-meter swimming pool with a jacuzzi and cocktail bars and a fenced beach on the shore of the Kalamitsky Bay.

The water in the pools is fresh, not heated.

Children's attractions in the "Banana Republic"

Children's territory is a full-fledgeda water park, consisting of many slides, slopes and entertainment. Kids can be left under the supervision of instructors who monitor the safety of children on the slides. What awaits children in the water park "Banana Republic"?

  1. Swimming pools with a depth of 25-80 cm.
  2. At the attractions "Elephant", "Octopus", "Snake" you can jump and slide into the water.
  3. Multicolored "Multislide", the longest slide, gives the opportunity to enjoy riding unhurriedly, but on the "Bodislide" the kids come down like in a fairy tale.
  4. Attraction "Rainbow" requires courage, because its height is more than 4 m.

In the game complex "Jungle" there are not only slides and springboards, but also water cannons and pistols to make fun games.

Children's pool in the water park

Infrastructure of the water park

Aquapark "Banana Republic" is equipped with everything that is necessary for a person coming to rest:

  • the car can be parked;
  • work showers, toilets, locker rooms;
  • sun beds, deck chairs, canopies are provided;
  • The administration proposes to leave valuables in the storage room;
  • A high level of security is provided by video surveillance;
  • the doctor is on duty;
  • opened a gift shop.

Several varied cafes and a dining room, cocktail bars offer refreshments or a hearty lunch.

It must be taken into account that the entrance to the water park with its products and drinks is prohibited.

Those who are tired of water activities can go to the tennis courts and play a game.

Descents in the


Having paid a premium ticket (the price for 2017 was 3000 rubles for an adult), you can get a lot of bonuses.

First of all, VIP-persons do not have to wait inqueues when climbing the next hill. In addition, visitors with VIP tickets get to use cozy bungalows, where there are comfortable beds and sheets. The bungalow is served by a waiter, and holidaymakers receive a gift from the water park mineral water and sparkling wine. Having a VIP ticket, you do not have to pay for a storage room.

How to get to the water park "Banana Republic"?

Get into the water park is not difficult, because almost from anywhere in the Crimea to Evpatoria bus runs. However, the most convenient way to get to the water park "Banana Republic" is as follows:

  1. From Evpatoria. A free bus leaves from the railway station, the Mayak sanatorium in Zaozernoye and from Mirny village every hour, making several stops around the city.
  2. Any bus from Saki.
  3. By bus or car from Simferopol to the station. Coastal - "Water Park".

Cost of visit

Traditionally, the water park "Banana Republic" prices for visits are set at the beginning of the holiday season.

The Amazon River in Evpatoria

It should be borne in mind that the ticket price depends ontime of visit. The most cost is the payment of the full day of stay in the water park - from 10 am to 6 pm For 100 rubles. cheaper ticket from 13 to 18 hours. The most economical ticket is purchased for 3 hours of stay in the water park.

In 2017, there were such tariffs:

  • for adults, the ticket cost 1600-1400 rubles.
  • for children - 1200-1000 rubles.

For those who plan to repeatedly visitEvpatoria, in the water park "Banana Republic", prices are different, because you can buy a subscription and save from 10 to 75%. Subscription includes 3, 5, 10 and even 30 visits.

In addition, parking (100 rubles), a luggage room (100 rubles), tennis lessons (300 rubles per hour) are paid.

Pleasant bonuses

Aquapark "Banana Republic" all summer season pleases its guests with discounts and bonuses. Traditionally, a lot of them:

  • Kids, whose height does not exceed 90 cm, are free;
  • children up to 130 cm in height receive a ticket for a price half as much;
  • parents with many children and Crimeans receive discounts on the day off;
  • there are discounts for pensioners.

The most pleasant gift is given to birthday men - they have the right to have fun in the water park on their birthday free of charge.

Flexible pricing policy is another reason for the success of the Banana Republic water park.

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