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A family is a social institution, an equalunion of a man and a woman, a fortress in which we feel protected. But it still needs to be built, and the relationship in marriage is truly strong and happy. There are certain symbols of the institution of the family, the significance of which we will consider here.


At the present time in our country a sign of purelove is chamomile, in addition, it also means loyalty, tenderness and simplicity. Its white color represents purity, and the yellow middle is the hearth. Petals as if unite into one whole - in a strong family. This flower became a symbol of the Family Day, love and fidelity, celebrated in Russia since 2008. It reflects a pure and great feeling. It is recommended to keep bouquets of chamomiles in the summer, and in other seasons it would be nice to hang an ikebana at home, consisting of at least 5 chamomile flowers.

The designation of the family is also open hands, which mean the unity of the family and the warmth that they give each other.

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Ancient symbols of the family

Slavs worshiped the forces of nature, and it foundreflection in the manufacture of amulets. Such symbols could be found everywhere: they were not only a means of decoration, but, according to the belief, they gave some protection and attracted good luck.

So, among these signs, which were used by our distant ancestors, we can single out such as Solard, Ladinets, Colard, Zaichik, and Wedding. They grant protection to family members. Let us consider them in more detail.

Solard - signifies prosperity, prosperity.The Colard sign is a similar symbol, the difference is that the swastika of these signs is located in different ways: clockwise and counter-clockwise. It helps to strengthen the family union, and the offspring gives health.

These two signs are sunny and fiery, they are aimed at maintaining well-being in the house, and patronize those who live in peace and harmony.

Ladinets symbolizes happiness, love and harmonyin family. He is a truly female charm, for example, he gives protection from the evil eye. For married women it becomes important to protect the family hearth, well-being and prosperity in the home. Often a couple of this amulet was Kolyadnik, who was the personification of male power. In those days, the goddess Lada was considered to be the patroness of women, and for the gods Kolyada was considered a man. The combination of these two signs is a unity of two sexes, mutual understanding between them, strengthening of marriage ties, and, of course, true love.

Bunny personifies the update and is considered a generic amulet. During pregnancy, it was customary to wear a belt with this sign, it was believed that it gives the mother and baby light, solar energy.

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Powerful family symbol

The wedding is considered a strong amulet.It means the fusion of the male and female principles, the two genera into one whole. Since ancient times the Slavs attached great importance to the marriage ceremony and the institution of marriage. This sign was given, as usual, by the parents to the newlyweds after the wedding ceremony. It is intended solely for a married couple. The image of this symbol is a combination of four rings of red and blue in the sign of infinity.

Feng Shui: Symbols of Family Welfare

In the practice of feng shui, the symbol of inseparability anddevotion to a married couple is a figurine of ducks-tangerines. As a rule, it is placed in the southwestern part of the dwelling. Also in this doctrine, the signs of the family are trees. Among them you can distinguish bamboo, cypress, pine, plum. In addition, the well-being can be promoted by a figure of a dragon. It brings good luck, protects all family members.

Photos of the household within the framework are alsooriginal talismans. They should be located in the eastern part of the dwelling. The frames should be rectangular in shape and made of wood. The color is preferably green or blue.

meaning of family symbols

Icons protecting family well-being

It is recommended to keep the following images at home: Guardians and Protectors of your family, St. Peter and Fevronia of Murom. The icon of the Blessed Virgin "Undying color" gives protection to spouses.

Also the image that parents bless young people is a symbol of the family and brings happiness.

symbols of family and marriage

Objects in everyday life that are talismans

Symbols of family and marriage:bast shoes, a figurine of a small house, a cloth, a horseshoe, a bagel, a chain. Onions are a guard against tears. Bread means prosperity and consent in the house. Sunflower seeds promise health to children. Corn - cohesion of the family, the continuation of the family, protection from disease, mutual understanding. Female and male figure, tied with threads - the continuity of bonds and love. A bundle is a guard against scandals.

symbols of the family institute

Wedding Symbols

The designation of love and family well-being is also a pair of pigeons. No wonder there is such a wedding tradition, how to release these birds into the sky.

Wedding rings are symbols of a family, indestructibleunion between a man and a woman who enter into marriage. By exchanging rings, the spouses transfer each other part of their energy. It is recommended in the first months after the wedding not to take them off and not let anyone try on.

Fata - gives the bride protection from the evil eye.The custom to wear it for a wedding came from Poland. It kind of creates an energy shield, reflecting the negative, directed towards the bride. In this case, after the wedding, you must carefully store the veil, it will serve as an amulet capable of protecting a young family.

Bridal bouquet is another important attribute.According to the belief, the girl who catches him must soon get married, this is because she begins to radiate a special energy, and the wreath seems to go to her himself. It is better to have white flowers in the bouquet: they are a sign of purity and eternity.

A magical symbol for a family is a loaf.Only for it to become such, it must be correctly baked. A mother, a relative or a godfather of bridegrooms, that close woman who has a well-established family life, should work on its manufacture. It must be baked so that it has a neat shape, without cracks.

On the caravan lay the symbols of the family, whichgive protection to a young couple. They are often used as flowers, birds, viburnum, mint and rye. The karavai is distributed to all guests, so that the energy of the two families merges into one.

Towel - it must be embroidered by the bride herself, in secretfrom all. She must be alone and in complete silence. Previously, the girl reads a prayer. When embroidering her thoughts should be positive and filled with ideas about the future of family life. The work must begin on Thursday. It is embroidered on a clean and whole canvas. Towel is a symbol of the life path that the family must go through together.

Parents bless the young on it, whilehouses should not be extraneous. The towel has a male and a female half, so it is important to correctly step on it during the blessing. From now on, this attribute takes on the value of the amulet. The rite must certainly take place on Sunday.

Parent blessing is an important symbol of family happiness. Attributes in this case are for the bride the icon of the Mother of God, and for the groom - the icon of Christ the Savior.

ancient family symbols

Stones that are a symbol of family happiness

They include:

  • Beryl is a sign of family, loyalty and love.
  • Aquamarine - protects the happiness of the spouses.
  • Sapphire is a stone of love, family and loyalty.
  • Carnelian - keeps home peace, happiness and protects from evil spells.

Thus, we determined that there is amany different designations of the institution of marriage, interpreted the meaning of the symbols of family and love. They have been used since ancient times, when they firmly believed that the mysterious forces of nature can help in building happiness. Be that as it may, do not forget that the basis of true well-being in the family is sincere love, respect and loyalty.

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