Nature Conservation: Goals and Objectives

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Vegetable and animal life on our planetgreat and varied. According to one winged expression, man is the crown of nature, the main result of its development. In this case, it does not matter whether it was created by the Almighty or accidentally originated from a monkey. The main thing is that he appeared and began to behave on Earth as the owner. Of course, as the manager of available resources, it was not formed overnight. And the protection of nature did not stand before him as a priority task. Quite the contrary, on the agenda was the goal to take the environment as much as possible and with minimal effort.

Protection of Nature
At a certain stage of its developmentthe human community maintained a balance of consumption and reproduction of its surrounding vegetation. Natural landscapes if and suffered damage from human activity, then in a short time restored and compensated for the damage caused to them. This involved both vegetation and the animal world. It should be noted that nature protection has long been a matter of human concern, but not because it was endowed with reason and consciousness, unlike the entire animal world. The instinct of self-preservation worked to a large extent.

Nature Conservation in Russia
For a long time, the deadlines for hunting forwild beast. It was necessary not only to obtain valuable fur and a nutritious product, but also to enable the animals to multiply. It was not yet a conservation society, but the first conscious action to save it. The large-scale use of natural resources began as a result of the development of science and technology. Wood proved to be a resource that is in demand in the most diverse spheres of human activity. In order to cover the growing demand, deforestation began on all continents. As a result, the streams and rivers began to become shallower and disappear.

Nature Protection Society
Many species of animals and birds, devoid of habitualhabitat, began to disappear. By this time, nature protection became an urgent necessity. The fact is that by changing the quality of habitat for wild animals, people involuntarily changed their own living conditions. Today, everyone is well aware that in large cities there is almost no clean air. The atmosphere here is heavy with smoke from pipes and car exhausts. Exactly the same situation with drinking water. That is why conservation in Russia has become an important task. If to delay with its decision, then the whole territory of the country risks to turn into a huge dump.

Protection of Nature
At present, before the state andpublic structures face a complex task - nature protection can not be limited to any local project. The first thing that should be paid attention is the saving of the available natural resources. For this purpose, reserves, sanctuaries and national parks are created. Here, animals and vegetation are in their natural conditions, and human activity is limited to the minimum limit. The second direction is the reclamation of soils and the restoration of fauna in those areas where production activity was previously conducted. It can be cuts, careers, glades and other plots of land.

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