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The word "gradation" can carry a different semantic meaning.The load depends on the context in which it is used. This term can be used in Russian (as a stylistic figure), in sociology (as an age component). In addition, there is such a thing as "color gradation". It is used in various computer programs or art. Also the gradation can describe the quality of goods.

Therefore, depending on the reason for using the word gradation (examples are given above), it can be absolutely about different things.

The general concept. The very word is taken from the Latin language and is translated as "gradual transition", "increase". Gradation is a non-skewed movement of any attribute or property, as well as successive stages or steps.

Consider the meaning of this word in more detail.

Color gradation. Examples. These are the steps of a color that are arranged in a certain order, or it is a set of different shades from dark to light and vice versa. The rainbow is the brightest example of color gradation. Here is the transition of the primary colors from one to the other.

The gradation of the quality of goods is a collectioncategories, or grades of various goods. It is possible to judge about such qualities of a product as suitability for use or utility. An example of quality grading can serve tea varieties or trays with eggs of different varieties: the highest, the first and the second. Also in the railway or aviation sector, tickets are offered: reserved seats, coupe, first class; business or economy class.

In business, this term can be used in the distribution of goods according to the criteria: quality, fixed-term contracts, etc. This greatly simplifies the trading procedure.

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Russian language and graduation. Examples. Consecutive weakening or strengthening in the expression is called a stylistic figure in the Russian language and literature. Previously, it was also called "climax". However, recently she was given another name - graduation. Example: "I'm asking you, I beg you, beg." Now literary critics attribute the climax to the gradation varieties. But the difference in them is so subtle that for "ordinary" people it is barely perceptible.

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Age gradation. Examples. This concept has found its application in cultural studies and sociology. Age graduation is a system that exists in a society. According to this system, people belonging to the same age group have equal responsibilities and rights. Also this term can be used in relation to animals in biology. A common example is puppies and older dogs. Here the age gradation is quite pronounced. And the breed of dogs does not matter. The term "age gradation" is also applied in higher education institutions. In this case, people are divided into groups for some specific purposes within the institution.

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Thus, graduation is a very versatile concept, but on the whole it is understood in the same way - it is a gradual transition of one property to another or a breakdown of something into stages and steps.

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