Districts of the Arkhangelsk Region. Plesetsky, Primorsky and Ustyansky districts: features and attractions

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A territory rich in natural resources andmineral resources, with a severe northern climate, on which unique buildings of Russian wooden architecture, traditions and culture of the Russian people are preserved - all this is the Arkhangelsk region.

Districts of the Arkhangelsk Region

History of the region

The Arkhangelsk Region was established in 1937as a result of the division of the Northern region into the Vologda and Arkhangelsk regions. It is located in the northern part of the East European Plain. From the north it is washed by the waters of three seas: Kara, Barents and White.

This is an industrial region of Russia. Features of the economic and geographical position of the region: year-round navigation and access to international sea routes. The production infrastructure is developed for extraction and processing of natural resources. In the region, industrial extraction of bauxite, gas and oil is carried out. There is a preparation for diamond mining. Opened deposits with the largest reserves of gypsum, dolomite, marl, limestone, peat, clay, sand, manganese, zinc, copper ore, amber, agate. The leading industries in the region are pulp-and-paper, woodworking and timber, which provide the bulk of logging, paper and pulp production in Russia. The Arkhangelsk region is the largest producer of forest products in the Russian Federation. In addition, the engineering industry, the fuel industry, metalworking, the food industry and the electric power industry were developed here.

In the region there is the National Centernuclear shipbuilding, in which repairs, construction and re-equipment of submarines and ships are carried out. The construction of drilling stations for gas and oil production is continuing.

The main disadvantages of the region are the harsh climate, inaccessibility and low level of infrastructure development.

Districts of the Arkhangelsk Region

The structure of the Arkhangelsk region includes 19 districts: Lensky, Onega, Plesetsk, Vilegodsky, Shenkur, Kargopol, Kholmogorsky, Konoshsky, Velsky, Kotlas, Primorsky, Ustyansky, Krasnoborsky, Leshukonsky, Verkhnotemsky, Mezensky, Nyandomom, Vinogradovsky, Pinezhsky. Some of them will be discussed in detail below.

Ustyansky district

Ustyansky district is the southern region of Arkhangelskregion. It is considered the northern capital of honey. The area is agricultural. The most developed branches of industry are forestry (logging) and food industry. Here is the well-known in all Russia center for mountain skiing "Malinovka", where two slopes are equipped. The snow cover is established from November to the end of April.

Ustyansky district of the Arkhangelsk region is famousits traditional culture: bylinas, legends, songs and legends. 1000 years ago in this territory the population inhabited - chud Zavolochskaya (the chronicle name of the population of Zavoloch 'territory). The first mention of this people can be found in the "Tale of Bygone Years". But at present the people are completely assimilated among the Komi and Russians.

  • The administrative center of the district is Oktyabrsky settlement.
  • The area of ​​the territory is 10720 km2.
  • The population of the region is 30461 people.

Ustyansky district of Arkhangelsk region

Primorsky district of Arkhangelsk region

Primorsky is the north-western region of the region. Island part of the region: Solovetsky Islands are located in the White Sea, Franz Josef Land (Arctic Ocean), Victoria Island is located in the Barents Sea.

The land is unique in its traditions, way of life andfisheries. Here is the largest museum of Russian wooden architecture in the country - Malye Korely. In the open-air museum there are about 100 exhibits: unique church buildings, peasant and merchant houses, wells, barns, mills. For example, the bell tower (Kuliga-Drakanovo village), the St. George Church (Vershina village).

Solovetsky historical and cultural complex,located on the Solovetsky Islands, is listed in the UNESCO heritage list. The Solovetsky Monastery arose in the 15th century, and under Soviet rule, since 1920, there was a labor camp there. In 1990 the building was returned to the church, and here the Resurrection Monastery was revived.

  • The administrative center of the district is the city of Arkhangelsk (but the city itself is not part of the composition).
  • The area of ​​the territory is 46133 km2.
  • The population of the district is 25639 people.

Arkhangelsk Region Plesetsk District

Plesetsky District

Plesetsky - the western region of the Arkhangelsk region. The leading branch of industry is forestry, three quarters of the territory is covered with forest.

In the Plesetsk District of the Arkhangelsk Regionthere are several specially protected areas: the Kenozersky National Park, the Plesetsk Zakaznik, the Permilovsky Zakaznik. Kenozersky National Park is a territory where the Russian way of life, the way of life, traditions and culture were preserved.

Primorsky district of Arkhangelsk region

  • The administrative center of the Plesetsk District is the village of Plesetsk.
  • The area of ​​the district is 27500 km2.
  • The population of the region is 49089 people.

The Plesetsk cosmodrome is located on the territory of the district, a monument of Russian architecture is preserved - a chapel of the 18th century in the village of Konevo.

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