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Vividly singing on the Russian stage, singer Oleg Gazmanov is not only a talented performer, but also a composer and a songwriter, whose lyrics formed the basis for the hits of many stars.

Gazmanov's children

Oleg Gazmanov. Biography

Oleg Mikhailovich was born in a small townGusev of the Kaliningrad region in the summer of 1951 in a family where the pope was a naval officer and his mother a medical worker. They both took part in the defense of the Motherland during the Great Patriotic War. Oleg's childhood was spent among the consequences of the war, which were expressed in the remains of guns, mines, grenades and all that the boys of his age were amusing, finding them in the abandoned corners of the city, still bearing the imprint of front-line devastation. For many boys of that time, these games ended rather sadly, but Gazmanov was lucky, the fate to blow up on the mine went around his side. After graduating from school, young Oleg decided to follow in the footsteps of his father and went to study in the Higher Naval School, mastered the profession of engineer-miner. He also seriously engaged in gymnastics, even had ranks and titles. This base was very useful to him on the stage, where he famously twirled a somersault or did some other acrobatic stunt. After the army, the future artist for a while worked for the benefit of his native school, he graduated from the postgraduate school, he even planned to defend the candidate's school. But in parallel he was engaged in music, sang in restaurants, played the guitar in various musical groups. However, it was noticed only in 1988, and then not as an artist, but as the author of the song "Lucy" written for his son. And a year later he began a successful career as a singer and an idol of thousands of Russians.

First marriage

First wife of Oleg Mikhailovich becameKaliningrad girl named Irina. They began to meet as students and pretty soon married, although about the children Gazmanov has not yet thought about. Irina has a diploma in chemistry. At first, the young family had some difficulties with Oleg's parents. His mother, Zinaida Gazmanova, could not find a common language with her beloved son. But some time later both women agreed on the love of a man who was one of them husband, another son, and peace and harmony prevailed in the family. And in 1981, Irina gave birth to a son, which further brought her closer to her mother-in-law. Later Gazmanov with his wife and son moved to Moscow, where he began to build a musical career. And everything was going well with them, until crazy popularity came to Oleg Mikhailovich. Irina Gazmanova could not live in this cycle of fans, letters, calls, departures on tour and filed for divorce. The family broke up. Gazmanov acted the way a man should have done - he did that his former family needed nothing, and the gap between the parents did not affect his son in any way. Relations between the former spouses remained warm and friendly. And it was Irina who helped Oleg in the care of his mother, when she started serious health problems.

Second marriage

children of Gazmanov Oleg

Marina Muravieva became Oleg's second wifeGazmanov. Children, family, love - everything for him began to play with new colors. The story of their love with Marina was not simple. She was full of lyrics, partings, throwings and a whole series of casual encounters. Oleg was carried away by Marina when he was still married to his first wife, however, he claims, at that time they already lived separately, and their relationship was purely formal. But after a while, the romance with the formally, but still married man, tired the beauty, and she decided to part with Oleg. Muravyova even married another - the brother of the infamous creator of the financial pyramid "MMM" - Vyacheslav Mavrodi and became pregnant in this marriage. However, both Mavrodi sat for an extremely long period, and Gazmanov divorced his wife. And nothing else prevented two grown-up people from becoming happy. And they finally got married.

All the children of Gazmanov

family of gazman's children

Oleg Mikhailovich has three children.The first-born is the son of Rodion, he was born by the first wife of the artist Irina in 1981, when the Gazmanovs' family still lived in the Kaliningrad region. The second son was Philip. Biological father Philip is convicted for fraud businessman Vyacheslav Mavrodi, and his mother - the second wife of Oleg Marina. But Marina divorced her first husband after being pregnant, and Gazmanov already met her from the hospital. He brought up the boy from his diapers as a native, giving him love, care and a last name. In 2003, a year after the wedding of Oleg and Marina, they had a charming daughter, Marianna.

Career of Rodion Gazmanov

oleg gazmanov family children

Of all Gazmanov's children, the most famous, withThe very childhood is Rodion. His debut on the stage took place when he was seven years old. He sang a touching song about the dog Lucy. But it was not only Rodion's finest hour, it was also the beginning of his father's career. Later, Rodion often sang along with his dad, but becoming older, he preferred the variety business. But the craving for creativity, apparently, remained, because not so long ago he began to make attempts to return to the stage, for example, participating in the TV show "The Voice" or "Just-in-the-Bottom."

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