On the island of Madeira, a monument to Ronaldo

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March 29, 2017 at the airport of the island of Madeira(Portugal), the opening ceremony of the monument to Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese football player attended the event and expressed his gratitude for the honor given to him. In parallel, the local administration of the island proposed to rename the airport of Madeira to the airport named Cristiano Ronaldo. The initiative was supported and accepted, and the football player once again thanked all those present and said that he was proud of his homeland and his native city.

Monument to Ronaldo

At the airport of the island of Madeira set a funny monument to Ronaldo

But this is not the main news of this evening. The stand in honor of the footballer caused an incredible public response: users of social networks began to ridicule and criticize the presented memorial in honor of the owner of four gold balls. The thing is that the monument itself is surprisingly absurd and ridiculous. With the naked eye you can see that the pedestal of Cristiano Ronaldo does not look like the original at all.

Monument to Ronaldo in Portugal caused laughter in football fans

Fans and fans of the Portuguese footballerbegan to actively express their dissatisfaction about the bust of Cristiano Ronaldo. One of them wrote the following: "This pedestal of the great football player is a real parody. It's impossible to hold back laughter when you see this caricature. " Together with this, the local inhabitants of the island of Madeira, where he himself and Cristiano, began to collect signatures for the petition, so that the airport is not renamed in honor of the player. However, the city administration ignored this gesture and nevertheless appropriated the new name of the air harbor.

Monument to Ronaldo Airport

What happened in social networks after the installation of the monument

The monument to Ronaldo was almost the mostdiscussed news of the week. Users of the social network "Twitter" began to create various memes about this. The most popular joke is shown in the photo below.

Monument to Cristiano Ronaldo

At the sight of this picture it is impossible to suppress laughter. You just look at the content and cheerful face of the player. You might think that he had an incontinence, and he is even pleased with it. And on this photo, the author edited the original for a newly made bust.

Monument to Ronaldo in Portugal

There is another monument in honor of Ronaldo

Discussing this resonant news, someusers of social networks remembered about another statue, which criticism did not pass by. December 22, 2014 on the same island of Madeira was installed 2,4-meter monument in honor of Cristiano Ronaldo. Then the football player was also present at his opening and expressed respect and gratitude to his compatriots. The statue of the Portuguese does not cause laughter until the spectators pay attention to the intimate detail ... Apparently, the sculptor has overdone a little ...

Monument to Ronaldo on the island of Madeira

Early last year, Argentinean Lionel Messireceived the fifth in his career award "Golden Ball". Fans of Lionel desecrated the monument to Ronaldo, pouring it with red paint and writing on his back the name and number of the new owner of the "Golden Ball".

Monument to Ronaldo vandalism

In view of this incident, the monument was moved to the Cristiano Ronaldo Museum.

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