How to make a crossword puzzle yourself?

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Today, hardly anyone will remember whenthe crossword came to us from the misty England. Solving crossword puzzles has become so firmly in the circle of our hobbies that it is already difficult for us to imagine how to spend our leisure time on the road without this rebus. Have you ever thought about how to make a crossword yourself and give it to the court to your family and friends or put on the web? It turns out that today it is not difficult to do this. Let's consider, in what ways it is possible to make a crossword.

How to make a crossword puzzle?

Take the sheet in the cage.The first thing to begin with, this is the so-called "brainstorming". Choose the words, and think up questions for them (you can with humor, you can also in the poetic form). Then select from the list the word that is the longest. It is from him that you will begin building your crossword. The remaining words are chosen so that they match each other with the same letter. Arrange words both horizontally and vertically. And be sure to number, carefully watching that the answers and questions correspond to each other. When your crossword is fully ready, it should be properly arranged. Today, this can easily be done in one of the office computer applications.

How to make a crossword in Microsoft Word?

Start the editor and go to the Page Layout tab. To ensure that a lot of crossword cells can fit on the page, make the field values ​​minimal by clicking "Fields" and then "Narrow".

Create a label in the document by going to the tab"Insert" and selecting "Table" and "Paste." Now you need to configure the created table, depending on how many cells you need. If you have not created a crossword template yet and have not yet learned how big the crossword will be, do not be scared. Specify an approximate number of cells, and in the course of drawing up the puzzle you can increase their number. Thus, create a tablet, adjust it to the height and width of the page.

Enter the words of your crossword into the cells, and just fill in the empty cells with black or any other color using the menu item Borders and Fill.

On the second page of the Vordian document, make a list of the numbered questions to the crossword puzzle.

How to make a crossword puzzle in Excel?

The checkered field of the Excel application perfectly fitsnot only for creating tables, but also for creating a crossword, a scanword or a similar rebus. Pre-create a sketch of a crossword puzzle with filled white and black squares. Separately write down (or type on the computer) definitions for words.

Now open Excel, create a new document andsave it. The first thing you should start with is the transformation of rectangular cells of the application into squares. Suppose that a crossword puzzle consists of 10 columns and 10 rows. Then select the range of cells from A1 to J10. In the menu item "Format", sub-menu "Cell size" select "Column width". Enter the value "5". Then select "Line Height" and enter "27".

To draw a crossword in Excel, markborders of the selected cells. Click on the "All Borders" drop-down menu. All the cells will be outlined in bold dark lines. Press the right button of the computer mouse, select "Format of cells", "Alignment", and then - "Center". Fill in the crossword by entering the words, and the cells that are left empty, fill it with black.

Program for creating a crossword puzzle

Today, there are specialprograms that greatly simplify the process of creating a crossword. For example, you can use such applications as EasyCross, Decalion, Crossword Forge, CrosswordCreator, Crossword and others.

Well, with a ready-made crossword puzzle you can enteras you wish. For example, put it on a social network or on your blog. By the way, in order to attract the attention of users to your offspring, you should try a lot and create a rebus rather than a simple, thematic, humorous or crossword puzzle of some unusual form.

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