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Outstanding dramatic actress Maya Bulgakovafor all her career she starred in many Soviet films. Her heroines were mostly Russian women with a difficult and difficult fate. She, on the contrary, considered herself to be happy in her personal life and an incredibly special person who could drive any man crazy. The cherished dream of her whole life was to star in films. She persevered towards her goal, changing her family to a career.

Childhood and youth

In 1932 in one of the villages of the Kiev regiona wonderful girl named Maya was born. Parents have named a daughter so because month of a birth of the babe was May. Besides her, there were three other children in the family. The father of the future actress was a military man, therefore at the very beginning of the Great Patriotic War he was taken to the front, followed by his elder brother. They died almost simultaneously in August 1941. It was then that Maya's carefree childhood ended.

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Fleeing from the German army, the rest of the familyBulgakov moved to Kramatorsk, where the girl graduated from a regular secondary school. After that, Bulgakov Maya decided to try her luck and went to the Moscow Institute of Cinematography, which she graduated with a diploma.

A long road to fame

After completing her studies at the university, she becameactress in the theater-studio actor. Practically all graduates of her course managed to become famous at once, but Bulgakov Maya went to this for 10 years. Her debut in feature-length cinema took place in the drama "Volnitsa", where she played an episodic role. After that, many Soviet filmmakers began to talk about her as a gifted actress, but they were not in a hurry to invite films.

During this period of his career, Bulgakov Maya beganto perform on the stage together with the orchestra Leonid Utyosov. She had an excellent voice and, according to many critics of the time, she could be called the Russian Edith Piaf. The actress even received an award at the youth festival for the excellent performance of the song.

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Star Actress Role

At the beginning of his career, Maya was invited to appear inmany films, but for some reason only in episodes. In 1966, the actress was finally invited to play in the film "Wings", in which she received the main role. Bulgakova was able to reveal her talent in this film and create an image of the heroine - the former pilot Nadia Petrukhina, who became director of the school after the war.

It was a real breakthrough in Maya's career. After that, she starred in many films and captivated the screen heroines, who have extraordinary temperament, great willpower and iron character.

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Roles in the cinema

There are many interesting paintings with this famous actress, but the greatest success for the audience was the following films:

  • The military painting "People and Beasts", which appeared on the screen in 1962, Bulgakov Maya played Galina.

  • 1969 criminal film "I'm his bride," in which the actress appeared in the image of a teacher.

  • In 1970, the movie "Ahead of the Day" came out. Bulgakov plays Polina Afanasyevna Razorenova in it.

  • Comedy film 1971 "Summer Private Dedova", where the actress acts as the mother of the main character - Euphrosyne Petrovna Pozyobkina.

  • In 1973, she flawlessly played the role of Nastia in the military tape "Tartak".

  • 1974 melodrama "Who, if not you", where the actress got the main character - Natalia Batova.

  • The drama "Alien Letters", which appeared in 1975 Bulgakov in it plays the mother of the main heroine of Zina.

  • In 1976, in the film "Strogovy" Maya performed the main character Marfa Yutkin.

  • In the melodrama of 1978, "Leap from the roof," she talently implemented the wife of a scientist - Anna Alexandrovna Lyubeshkin.

  • In the popular TV series "Gypsy", which premiered in 1980, she played a neighbor of Claudia.

  • One of the last successful films was "The Funeral of Stalin" (1990). The actress played in it the role of the leader's wife.

In addition to these, there are still a lot of beautiful pictures, where Maya Bulgakov was shot. Films with her participation will forever remain a legend of Soviet cinema.

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Family and love

The actress was a happy woman, since herloved various interesting and worthy men. Even as a second-year student, she fell in love with Tolik Nitochkin, who after a while became a famous cameraman, and married him. Soon Zina's beautiful daughter appeared, but she could not imagine Maya Bulgakov in her role as mother. Her personal life was in the background, and on the first was a career. So when the child was barely four months old, the actress sent him to her mother in Kramatorsk, and the marriage broke up after that.

After a while Maya met AlioshaGabrilovich, who was one of the most enviable suitors of the capital. In addition, he was also a promising director and changed his mistresses like gloves. But Bulgakov was able to subdue him so much that the young man in two months of their acquaintance led the actress to the registrar. The marriage was accompanied by constant quarrels and clarification of relations, which subsequently led to a divorce. Just at this time of her second pregnancy and learned Maya Bulgakov. Children Masha and Zina were brought up constantly by different fathers.

Actress for the third time married a sondirector of "Mosfilm" Alexander Surin, who helped her build an acting career. But soon she again returned to the second spouse, with whom they lived only a year and finally parted.

Maya still had many men who were from herMad. Her last lover was a businessman from Australia Peter. They even left the world in the same year, only with a difference of several months.

Maya Bulgakov children

The tragic death

In autumn 1994, there was a terriblecar crash. The car, which housed Maya Bulgakov and his colleague Lyubov Sokolova, ran into the lamppost at great speed. The driver died on the spot, but the actresses were alive, so they were immediately taken to the intensive care unit. Five days later, a friend of Maya Grigorievna was discharged from the hospital. But, unfortunately, Bulgakov could not be saved, and she died on October 7. Her last wife, she survived only three months and was buried next to him.

Of course, this legendary Soviet actress has been the focus of the attention of the audience for many years, delivering her talented play only joy and pleasure!

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