The Arab flag as one of the attributes of state symbols

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Any state has its own symbols, according to whichit is easy to identify among others. These symbols are the very name of the country, the coat of arms and the flag. Most often the simplest and most understandable is the flag. Any Arab flag can be easily identified by a combination of colors, but what each of them symbolizes on a rectangular panel, now we'll figure it out.

Arab countries

At the moment, the Arab countries officiallyrefers to most of the states located in North Africa and the Middle East. These include Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Iran and Libya, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia, Syria and others - a total of 23 countries.

arabic flag

Each of these countries has its own ethnicfeatures, history and symbols of the state. But all of them are united by the presence of the state language - Arabic and the main religion - of Islam (although Christians also live in this territory).

League of States

Given such diversity, there is quite aa reasonable question - is there a single Arab flag? No, but the alternative to such a symbol is considered to be the flag of the League of Arab States - an organization that deals with politics, economics and humanitarian problems within Arab countries and around the world.

The activities of the League do not always correspondvalues ​​to which people of all Arab countries adhere, therefore to perceive a flag as a symbol of Arabs is inexpedient. But from the information point of view, it is of great importance, especially its sample from the 2010 summit.

flags of Arab countries

On a white background there is an emblem that reflects the location on two continents of the countries that make up the League, and a circle of their flags.

The meaning of colors in the symbols of the Arab States

Having examined all the flags of the Arab countries, you cannote that the most popular colors are white, green, red and black. In the Arab world, 16 of the 23 countries have flags painted in these four colors, which are often called Pan-Arabs.

Consider the heraldic value of each of theand, as an example, take the flag of the Arab Emirates. The UAE (this is the abbreviation for the name of this country) appeared on the world's geographical arena in 1971, on December 2, and its flag also appeared. The aspect ratio in it is 2: 1, the shape is rectangular. The pattern consists of one vertical strip along the shaft, red, and three horizontal - green, white and black, if listed from top to bottom.

flag of the Arab Emirates

This Arabic flag reflects the wealth, beauty andthe strength of the spirit of its inhabitants. The red band symbolizes the strength, pride and grandeur of the country, green is the symbol of Islam. After all, in the life of the inhabitants, this religion occupies the main place in the upbringing and formation of character. Another value is the beauty of the surrounding nature.

White is a symbol of tolerance and purity.From generation to generation, the residents of this state make these qualities a priority, and black is a symbol of oil, the country's main wealth. Its presence and allowed to appear such a miracle, as the United Arab Emirates.

Other values

In countries located on the African continent, black color has a slightly different meaning - a reminder of their colonial past.

On 6 of the 23 flags there is an imagea crescent with a star - the main Muslim symbol. Another five is the image of only a star - a symbol of human freedom, equality and the desire for democracy.

But no matter what symbols the Arab flag carries,for the population of the state it is a true treasure, which should be protected and protected. In many countries of the Arab world it is forbidden to put state symbols on shoes, clothes, household items. Although in others it is considered a common thing.

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