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If you choose accommodation in the capital of Ukraine, yousurely will be interested in the question of where it is better to live in Kiev. At first glance, the central regions - Pechersky or Shevchenkovsky - seem to be the most attractive. But the abundance of elite new buildings and a noisy evening vanity are not to their liking. Other neighborhoods have become famous for high crime rates or unimaginable prices for apartments. It's time to figure out which district is better to buy real estate, and where in Kiev to live well.

where it is better to live in Kiev

Crime level

In general, it can be noted that the crime ratein the capital fell. In 2014, the situation with murders and accidents worsened due to revolutionary unrest, but overall the level of robberies and apartment thefts decreased. Compare the number of crimes by district can be done using the following figure:

where in Kiev live well

According to police statistics, the most calmin terms of crimes - this is the Pechersky and Darnitsky districts. It's not scary to walk in the evenings, in recent years serious cases of violations have not been recorded. And where in Kiev it is better not to live? Many believe that it is better to bypass the Dnieper region. In this district there is a high risk of being robbed or stabbed in the gateway. Svyatoshinsky follows him. Surprisingly, stereotypes and legends frighten people to settle in Troyeschina. But for many years this region is considered conditionally calm and occupies only the fifth place in anti-rating. A huge number of minor crimes in the form of theft of wallets and mobile phones is recorded in the Shevchenko district. This is explained by the large number of people in working hours, which attracts thieves and bandits.

The division of Kyiv's districts in terms of concentration and the number of crimes committed can be traced through the figure:

where in Kiev live well new buildings

Overall Rating

Analyzing those areas of Kiev, where it is better to live, you needconsider a lot of nuances. In our opinion, the most important are the number of educational institutions for preschool children and children from 7 to 17 years old, polyclinics, the accessibility of the subway, the total number of crimes and the price of an average apartment in a new house. Proceeding from this, the following table has turned out:


Schools / 1000 people

Polyclinics / 1000 people

Metro stations


Cf. cost of 2 rooms. Apartments, $






104 800






135 850






90 000






112 750






134 700






147 900

The Dnieper





110 000






192 000






252 500






159 700

Based on the results of the collected data, a rating of the districts of Kiev was built, where the city is best to live. It is presented in the form of the following diagram:

where it is better to live in Kiev or Moscow

Consider what other significant advantages and disadvantages each of the districts have. Let's call the best areas of Kiev. Where it is better to live, everyone still has to decide for himself.

Svyatoshinsky district

According to the compiled rating, the best regionKiev - this is Svyatoshinsky. At first glance, this seems surprising, because the people of Kiev from year to year complain about the broken roads, completely surrounded the avenue of Victory and the Ring. And the work of ZhEKov is not satisfied with everything.

But it is in the Svyatoshinsky district that it is the most"green" areas, where you can walk with the child and spend a pleasant time. On the territory of the district every day, 1004 janitors come to work. And these are all just additions to low crime rates, low prices for housing and the availability of schools and clinics.


When deciding where it is better to live in Kiev,note the Solomensky district. A serious disadvantage is the fact that there is a troubled Zhulyany settlement, which is constantly flooded in the spring. The district is quite busy, there are major thoroughfares connecting all the most important points of the city. Constant plugs are also distressing.

But the advantages cover many inconveniences.Residents note that they are satisfied with the work of public utilities, because ZhEKov here are as many as 150. And there are a huge number of markets in Solomenki. By the way, the prices for food products are much lower than in other districts.


Troyeshchina always scared.Probably, once here the most important robbers of the capital really lived, but now everything has changed radically. The crime rate is quite low, still cheer prices for housing. So boldly choose Troeschina, if you are looking for where to live well in Kiev. New buildings in this area offer apartments on average for 90 thousand dollars. This is the lowest figure in the capital. And you can rent a house at a ridiculous price - $ 518 a month.

best areas of kyiv where to live better

Darnytskyi District

Darnitskiy district is quite large in its area.Here it is cozy and comfortable, good communication with the center, after all 7 metro stations are open in the district. In addition, in our rating the district has average and quite good indicators. Prices for real estate are low, as does the price of products in the markets. The biggest plus of this area is that there are almost no traffic jams here.

Of the minuses - for such a large territory there are only 10 ZhEKs. This is quite a bit, considering that you need to serve a small town.

Podolsky district

Do not think about where to live better, in Kievor Moscow. Both capitals deserve the highest ratings. They are beautiful, have developed infrastructure, are comfortable for living and are promising in terms of career. And in that, and in other city there are minuses and pluses, as, for example, in Podolsky area of ​​Kiev.

It is called "the heart of Kiev", because it is onPodole houses all the most interesting cultural and historical sights. This is the most important center of tourist life. But go shopping here is not worth it. To the whole hem is just one shopping and entertainment center. But the social infrastructure is very well developed. 34 kindergartens, 41 schools and 12 polyclinics. Rest in the parks there is nowhere to go. There are only three green zones in the whole territory. This mainly influenced the underestimation in the rating.

Obolonsky district

This is a wonderful place for family life.In the Obolonsky district the lowest crime rate and many kindergartens and playgrounds. From the minuses can be allocated a fairly high level of prices for new housing and rental of apartments. In the mornings the streets of the district are loaded, traffic jams are not uncommon. But you can always get to work on the subway, since there are 5 stations open in the district.

Despite the fact that there are 6 markets operating here, thislittle for the inhabitants. The population often complained about the abundance of stalls with food and the inadequacy of parking spaces, which is why cars have to be put directly on the lawns. These two causes lead to constant mud and noise in the streets.

Dniprovsky district

The Dnipro region is the green center of the capital.Here are the favorite places of residents and visitors of the city - Trukhanov Island and Hydropark. But when choosing where to live better in Kiev, people try to bypass this area by party. In principle, it is quite comfortable here and the prices for food and apartments are low. Yes, and congestion on the roads is not high. But the crime rate is above average, and local residents constantly complain about the shortage of kindergartens and polyclinics. So, if you have children, recommend looking at another option.

 the best district of Kiev

Shevchenko district

From it begins the whole of Kiev.You can not come to the capital and not to visit its very center. But for a family quiet life this district is hardly suitable. It's always noisy, a lot of tourists. This is practically a business center. Come to work - yes, going shopping - generally excellent, here at every step shopping and entertainment centers. Get to the Shevchenko district can be from any corner of the capital and always without problems, on its territory opened 13 metro stations.

Of the significant disadvantages is also highthe level of crime and the presence of a large number of dilapidated houses. Do not forget that this is one of the oldest areas, there are almost no new buildings here so as not to spoil the unique architecture of ancient Kiev.

Pechersk district

If you look closely at the Pechersky district,then you are a rich man. It is considered the elite center of the capital, which is reflected in the price of the apartment. And the products here are not cheap. But the other important indicators are at the average level. There are enough schools and kindergartens, but there are few state polyclinics - everything is mostly private. So, thinking about where in Kiev live well, we can say that in the Pechersk district is quite good, but only for those who have a very high level of income.

Goloseevsky district

This is the largest area of ​​the capital of Ukraine.Of the advantages, only very low prices for essential goods are allocated. Despite the fact that the territory is huge, there is a very small concentration of educational institutions, nurseries and polyclinics. The green zones are four, and they are large in area. In the residential area, property prices are unreasonably high, which scares off potential residents. Local people also complain about the small number of housing offices and the constant mud on the streets.

Where it is better to live in Kiev with a child

Young families are most interested inwhich district is best to settle, if there are children. In this issue, many factors need to be taken into account: the number of kindergartens, schools, polyclinics, swimming pools, clubs and sections for extracurricular activities. The general statistics for the districts are given in the following figure:

where in Kiev it is better not to live

Assessing the availability of kindergartens, you need moreconsider the number of people living in the area. Thus, the concentration of preschool institutions is the largest in the Shevchenkivskyi district, but Dniprovsky leads in number - there are more than 80 of them. But in Desnyanskiy the population is almost the same as in Dniprovsky, but the gardens are half as large. The residents of the capital note that for the outskirts this is really a big problem. Children simply can not be recorded in a decent garden, or the managers ask for this reward.

And in some areas the situation is different. For example, in Obolonsky many institutions even rent out, as the groups are not recruited.

As for other aspects, those who prefer that children play sports and swim in the basins, it is better to settle in Goloseevskiy district. You need to learn a musical literacy in Obolonsky.


From all of the above, you can draw such conclusions. If you live with children, then choose quiet sleeping areas with an abundance of kindergartens and creative circles. Suitable Dniprovsky and Obolonsky.

If you like luxury and you need elite housing, for you - Pechersky.

Well, business people, making a career, you can look at real estate in the center - in Podol or in the Shevchenko district.

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