Park Alexandrino - one of the oldest green areas of St. Petersburg

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In St. Petersburg and its environsbeautiful park areas and lush forests. Some of these places deserve special attention due to their unique history and picturesqueness. What is remarkable about the park of Alexandrino and is it open for visiting nowadays?

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Alexandrino Park

For several centuries the park zone had the status of a summer residence,those. was transferred to the possession and use of various people who somehow earned such property. Initially, the estate was owned by Peter the Great's sister - Natalia Alexeevna. After the demise, the owner of the land was divided into two parts. One of them was transferred to Z. Mishutkov, who later became the admiral of the Baltic Fleet and built the "Baltic Court" on this site. The western part of the lands (here is the modern park of Alexandrino) was given to the diplomat P.A. Tolstoy. Later in different years the owners of the manor were S.V. Lopukhin and Prince V. Repnin. Ivan Grigoryevich Chernyshev, who had friendly relations with Empress Elizabeth and Catherine II, had the longest possession of these lands. It was he who built the palace here in the style of classicism and broke the English garden. It is established that even foreign crowned persons came to admire the park and the chic house during a visit to Russia.

The fate of the estate after the revolution

Park alexandrino st. Petersburg

After the death of I.G.Chernyshev's estate was inherited by his son. The new owner was forced to sell the property to pay off debts. The estate was purchased by the merchant Fedor Ilyin, but he also did not enjoy the acquisition for long. The next (and last) owner of the palace is Alexander Sheremetyev, it was in honor of him that the park Alexandrino received its modern name. After the revolution of 1917, the estate was given to the "people", turning it into an apartment house. The palace was divided into a large number of separate rooms. They say that in the ballrooms, where only secular receptions were held recently, at that time they kept pigs. During the Great Patriotic War, the park and the palace were seriously damaged.

Revival of the palace

After the war, in the sixties of the pastcentury, it was decided to restore the main building of the estate. The architect M. Plotnikov took up this project. It was possible to restore the facades in a relatively short time period. But with the interior decoration of the palace the situation was more complicated. Instead of a complete restoration and creation of the museum, the building was decided to be repaired inside in a modern way and used with maximum benefit to society. Inside was opened a children's art school, which exists today. Park Alexandrino (St. Petersburg) is regularly improved. Here, pruning trees, cleaning up trash, cleaning and repairing paths. The recreation area remains green, there are no modern attractions, cafes and other entertainment. But in the park there is always fresh air, plenty of greenery, here live birds and small wild animals.

Victor Tsoy in Alexandrino

Park alexandrino spb

This recreation area is informally considered oneFrom places of memory of the famous Russian musician Viktor Tsoi. The thing is that the leader of the group "Cinema" really once lived nearby, on Veterans Avenue, 99 and often visited the park Alexandrino. There is even a video in which Victor is walking with a newborn son in this recreation area. It's not the first decade that fans of the musician come to the park for walks. In the near future it is planned to install a monument dedicated to the great artist in this recreation area.

Where is the park and how to get to it?

Where is the Alexandrino Park
The forest park is considered to be one of the oldest in allSt. Petersburg. Today it belongs to the Kirov district of the city. Where is the Alexandrino park, what is the nearest metro station? On underground transport it is most convenient to reach the station "Prospekt Veteranov". The park is surrounded by residential buildings, it is surrounded by the streets: Rechnaya, Leni Golikov and the People's Militia. Entrance to the territory is free and free all year round. Park Alexandrino (St. Petersburg) - an excellent place for walking in the fresh air. Many residents of surrounding houses go in for sports, walk with children and pets. In the park there are several reservoirs, from which you can feed the ducks. In the green zone, there are also squirrels, who gladly take a treat from human hands, and various birds. Today the park is protected at the federal level, it is prohibited from littering and harming wildlife. Some residents of neighboring areas believe that with time the recreation area will become more comfortable, there will be modern attractions and a variety of entertainment. Similar prospects someone please, and someone upsets. For today in park there is only one sight - the palace in which the children's school is located. However, the presence inside the educational institution does not interfere with admiring the facade of the building and making original photographs for memory.

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