Discourse analysis and policy features


Discourse analysis is one of the most complicated forms of analysistexts at the intersection of sociology, linguistics and philosophy. In order to understand the topic, you need to explain the meaning of some terms that are used in this case.

Discourse analysis

A sign system is a collection of signs (letters,gestures, individual things, etc.), which form a single system and within which there is a writer of utterances. This means that each person exists in his own discursive space and uses established signs and meanings to determine the essence of things or phenomena that surround him. If we simplify the situation somewhat, we can give a simple example of such a statement: "Vasya is a bad person." This phrase is oriented to a certain social environment, who knows Washuu and has a certain opinion about him. Accordingly, the meaning of the statement "fits" into the ethical, social, value context surrounding this reference group. And in this sense the word "bad" takes on a meaning that is understood within this group. For external observation, the internal value may be vague or even elusive, although for the members of the group it is accurate and specific.

Analysis of discourse

The proposition is actually a statement,existing within a certain discursive space. In most cases, the discourse analysis is oriented precisely on the study of propositions and internal semantics of the sign system under examination.

Discourse is a complex notion definingThe presence of this sign system, which produces propositions characteristic for it. In the narrow sense, we are talking about the social language or sociolinguistic projection of the reference group.

The discourse analysis itself expresses onlymethodological direction of research, and also to some extent concretizes the object of ongoing analytical work. Therefore, different forms of discourse are distinguished - professional, scientific, economic, bureaucratic. The analysis of discourse also determines the methods of research - depending on the goals and tasks set.

Political Discourse
However, discourse analysis has one morecharacteristic feature. With the help of it, it is possible to determine to what extent an established sign system constructs a social space around itself, and therefore creates social and value norms inside and outside the reference group. In addition, the contexts of utterances, semantic linkages, latent meanings and contexts are also clarified.

The term "political discourse", more precisely, itsanalysis, has recently become the most popular not only among analysts, but also the bearers of overt and covert political meanings. When accompanied by political activities, and even the election campaign, it becomes necessary to determine both the strategic and tactical aspirations of competitors, the meaning of "enemy" proposals, the peculiarities of "language" when working with the electorate. Just discourse analysis, due to the fact that it integrates the scientific practices of linguistics, sociology, political science and psychology, is an ideal assistant for solving such problems.

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