Control system as a research object


Control system as a research objectis divided into groups. They are in direct relationship with the structure of the organization itself. The more complex the organization, the more complex is its system. In accordance with this, simple systems are distinguished whose behavior is completely predictable, and the number of links in such systems can be different. Complex systems perceive information from outside the company and react to it in a certain way. Behavior can be predicted. And too complex systems that have intelligence, so their behavior, because of the huge number of alternatives, is almost unpredictable.

Each organization has a specific systemmanagement, as an object of study. The study of a specific control system is made only on the basis of a certain scientific concept. It should be noted that the management system as an object of research is used as a means of studying certain characteristics relative to a specific control object. It promotes a deep understanding of the personal characteristics of the studied object and the functioning of the entire organization as a system.

The management system as an object of research of any organization is a complex system formed for the collection, processing and analysis of information in order to obtain the best final result.

In this case, the object in the form of a systemit is quite difficult, because the system has a lot of definitions, and the difficulty lies in the need to choose a single formulation, wholly used in the formation of a real control system.

Thus, the control system as an objectResearch can be characterized by a number of features. It consists of at least two elements that are arranged hierarchically, while the elements of the system are interconnected through direct and reverse links; the system is an inseparable, unified whole with fixed connections to the external environment.

The research process concerns all areasactivity of the organization. The strengths and weaknesses of the organization, sales and production process, marketing services, financial condition, personnel and culture should be investigated.

This is the basis for the classification of research management systems.

Management survey - the method usedTo diagnose problems within an organization. This method is based on an integrated approach, applicable to various functional areas of the organization: marketing, finance, production, personnel, organizational culture and the image of the organization, ie, aimed at the internal environment.

However, the classification of systems researchmanagement extends to the analysis of environmental factors of the company. This ensures timely response to threats and allows the development of plans and strategies that allow the company to achieve its goals and transform potential threats into opportunities.

The classification of research management systems is quite multifaceted and directly depends on the type of organization's activities and goals that should be achieved as a result of the research.

Empirical methods of researching systemsmanagement include all those methods, techniques, methods of cognitive activity, fixing and formulating knowledge that are the content of the practice or its result.

Empirical methods of researching systemsmanagement, according to LA Mikeshin, can be divided into subgroups, which include methods of researching and isolating an empirical object, for example, observation, experiment, measurement, and methods of systematizing and processing acquired empirical knowledge, i.e. scientific knowledge, fact.

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