How to learn Latin yourself in 5 stages?


Physicians, lawyers, linguists and scientists from variousareas in the process of obtaining education and work, they face the need to learn the Latin language. Despite the fact that it is called dead, it is the necessary base, without which it is impossible to successfully advance in a number of professions. How to learn Latin from scratch? It is necessary to adhere to three main recommendations in the following sequence: mastering the theory, practice, consolidation of knowledge. Consider how it is possible to learn the language of science in five basic stages.

learn Latin by yourself

The choice of the approach to the study of the Latin language

There are two generally accepted options for masteringLatin language. These are schools whose methods have a number of differences. Depending on the priority goals in mastering the language, it is worthwhile to look at one or another approach. The first school is more focused on grammar and vocabulary. The second focuses on vocabulary and reading. The first option is more suitable for those who are aiming to learn the language on their own. How to learn Latin in this way? He assumes a high level of motivation and iron discipline. At the same time, most modern textbooks and programs are built on it, which will make it possible to choose working materials without limitations. The second method gives faster results in understanding and using the language. Its downside is that it is necessary to have a practically constant presence of the teacher in the process of work.

how to learn Latin from scratch yourself


A number of teaching aids will help you to learnalphabet, grammar, vocabulary of the language. How to learn Latin to the level that you can read? This will take several months to six months. First you need to learn the alphabet, basic rules for reading words, the basics of grammar and constructing sentences. Parallel to this, there is a constant vocabulary by memorizing not only words, but entire phrases, quotations and texts. They will further become the basis for accelerating the development process. As a teaching material, you can use both a self-instruction manual and methodological aids recommended for university students or for a particular specialty.

The second necessary link is the dictionaryLatin language. It is recommended to take the publication of general orientation, as well as a highly specialized version, for example, for linguists, lawyers, doctors or biologists.

Reading and translation

Since the language is "dead" and is usedexclusively for solving scientific problems, reading and translation skills will become a priority in mastering. It should start with small light texts, adapted specifically for beginners (from textbooks). Then you can move on to more complex works. How to learn Latin from scratch on your own based on texts and grammar knowledge? This will help the constant practice of translation. It is necessary to work through each proposal, analyzing its components and selecting matches in the words and terminology of the native language. For the analysis of progress and feedback, it is better to use communities of like-minded people. Workshops with a ready-made translation, which should be checked after doing their own, will also help you to analyze the errors.

how to learn Latin from scratch

Effective way to expand vocabulary

Like in any other language, vocabularyis the key to its successful development. Teachers call cardboard or electronic cards the most effective way of working with vocabulary. On one side a word or phrase in the original, on the reverse side - a translation. Constant work with the cards will help to quickly learn the verbs and their conjugation, winged proverbs, nouns and adjectives. It is recommended that you periodically (weekly) return to the already developed material to fix it in a long-term memory. How to learn Latin audialam? The method of cards with pronouncing words and expressions aloud will solve the task posed.

Communication and training of others

How to learn Latin without constant feedback? Is it possible? In the case of the Latin question is relevant because of its officiality and the impossibility of ubiquitous communication. Teachers are encouraged to join the language learning communities that help each other with difficult cases in grammar, translation, understanding of vocabulary. Very effective is the method of further transfer of knowledge, when, after mastering the base, the student undertakes to explain the basics of Latin to someone else, thus securing the learned and learning in details. According to the results of the research, this approach accelerates the progress at least twice.

how to learn Latin

The knowledge of the Latin language will not only allowsuccessfully learn, but also read the works of ancient philosophers in the original. The process is fascinating and cognitive. Learn Latin yourself is possible, and communities of like-minded people will become a reliable motivating factor on the way to the goal.

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