What are climate and space resources? The importance and use of the world's climate and space resources


Energy potential on a global scaleallows to provide vital activity of millions people, and also work of an infrastructural and industrial complex. Despite the separation of sources used for the operation of thermal, nuclear and other types of stations, they are all based on resources and phenomena of natural origin. Another thing is that not all sources are fully developed to date. On this basis, it is possible to distinguish between climatic and space resources, which have similar prospects for future use, but suggest different approaches to the means of extracting energy. The direct use of natural reserves in production and economic activities does not pass without a trace. This aspect forces specialists to turn to fundamentally new energy production technologies.

climate and space resources

What are climate and space resources?

Almost all modern developments,aimed at the accumulation of alternative energy sources, are based on climate resources. As a rule, four groups of such sources are distinguished: sunlight, wind, moisture and heat. This is the main set, which forms the agroclimatic basis for the work of agricultural enterprises. It is important to understand that not all climatic natural resources are used in full. So, for all the value of sunlight, there is no clear evidence that accumulating funds of this type can replace traditional types of energy processing. Nevertheless, the inexhaustibility of this resource is a serious motivation for working in this field.

As for resources of cosmic origin,then in some areas they have something in common with climatic ones. For example, solar energy is also expected in this industry. In general, space resources are a fundamentally new kind of energy, the feature of which is the use of extra-atmospheric satellites and stations.

Application of climate resources

The main consumer of such resources isagrotechnical farming. In comparison with traditional stations for the processing of natural energy, light, moisture and heat form in some way a passive effect that promotes the development of crops. Therefore, a person can use climate resources only in the original form of natural supply.

climate space resources

But this does not mean that he can notcontrol their interaction with the recipients of energy. The organization of greenhouses, protection from the sun and the installation of wind barriers - all this can be attributed to measures to regulate the impact of natural phenomena on agrotechnical activities. On the other hand, wind and solar energy can be used as resources for electricity generation. Photopanels, stations with accumulation of air currents, etc. are being developed for this purpose.

Climatic Resources of Russia

The territory of the country covers several zones,which differ in different climatic characteristics. This aspect determines the variety of ways to use the energy received. Among the most important characteristics of the impact of resources of this type can be identified the optimal wetting factor, average duration and thickness of the snow cover, as well as a favorable temperature regime (the value in the average daily measurement is 10 ° C).

climatic resources

The unevenness with which theclimatic resources of Russia in different regions, imposes restrictions on the development of agriculture. For example, the northern regions are characterized by excessive moisture and lack of heat, which allows you to deal only with focal agriculture and hothouse economy. In the southern part, on the contrary, the conditions favor the cultivation of a multitude of crops, including wheat, rye, oats, etc. Sufficient heat and light indices also contribute to the development of livestock in this region

Application of space resources

The energy resources of space as a meanspractical application on the Earth were considered back in the 1970s. Since then, the development of a technological basis has begun, which would have made real alternative power supply real. The main sources in this case are the Sun and the Moon. But, irrespective of the nature of the application, both climatic and space resources require the creation of an appropriate infrastructure for the transmission and accumulation of energy.

climate and climate resources

The most promising areas of implementationThe idea is to create a lunar power station. Also, new radiating antennas and solar cells are being developed, the management of which should be carried out by earthly service points.

Technologies of transformation of cosmic energy

Even with the successful broadcast of solarenergy will require the means to transform it. The most effective tool at the moment to perform this task is the photocell. It is a device that converts the energy potential of photons into familiar electricity.

climatic resources of Russia

It should be noted that climatic and spaceresources in some areas are combined just by the use of such equipment. Photopanels are used in agriculture, although the principle of final consumption is somewhat different. So, if the classical formula for the use of agro-climatic resources assumes a natural consumption of objects of economic activity, then solar batteries first produce electricity, which can then be used for a variety of agricultural needs.

The importance of climate and space resources

At the present stage of technological progresspeople are actively engaged in alternative energy sources. Despite this, the basis of energy raw materials is still the climate and climate resources, which can be presented in different forms. Along with the hydro resources, the agro-complex acts as a platform that is of paramount importance for people's livelihoods.

space resources is

While the benefits of spaceenergy, but in the long run it is possible that this industry will become dominant. Although it is difficult to imagine that alternative sources on such a scale will ever be able to surpass the importance of terrestrial energy potential. Either way, climate resources can provide great opportunities in terms of providing the needs of industry and households with electricity.

Problems of resource development

If space energy is still on thestage of theoretical development, then with the agroclimatic base more and more definitely. Direct use of these resources in the same agriculture is successfully organized at different levels, and it is only necessary to regulate the operation from the point of view of rational use. But as a source for energy processing, climate and climate resources are not yet sufficiently developed. Although similar projects have been technically implemented for a long time in different types, their practical value is questionable due to the financial inexpediency of the application.

climatic natural resources


Approaches to the generation and distribution of energy are allThe same depends on the needs of the end user. On the parameters of the required supply, the choice of sources is based on which it is possible to provide vital activity in various spheres. Many sources, including climate ones, are responsible for integrated provision. Space resources in this process are practically not involved. Perhaps in the coming years, against the backdrop of the development of technology, specialists will be able to receive this kind of energy on a massive scale, but so far it is too early to talk about this. Part of the successful accumulation of space resources is hampered by an insufficient level of technological support, but there is no unambiguous opinion about the financial benefits from such projects.

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