Safonov Alexander - fearless communicationsman of the Second World War


Safonov Alexander Zakharovich - little-knownSoviet officer, who invested his whole soul in the victory over the fascist invaders. The story of his battle is a string of severe trials, which he proudly overcame, as if proving that there are no barriers to the fearless Red Army fighter. In this regard, it will be quite appropriate to talk about what kind of person he was and what actions he was glorified.

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Safonov Alexander: biography of early years

Alexander was born on June 1, 1923.His home was in the village of Khrenovoye, which is near Voronezh. Like most local children, from childhood he was accustomed to hard physical labor. Perhaps such education and tempered character Safonov, making him unbending. He went to school in the autumn of 1932, because of this, he finished class 9 already with the sounds of the approaching German armada.

Under the hail of the first bullets

In the Red Army Safonov Alexander was calledimmediately after graduation. Just a young guy was sent to study at the Voronezh Military School, so that he could master the profession of a liaison there. However, they did not have time to start training, as German troops approached the city - the first hail of bullets fell on Voronezh.

In connection with this, the non-trained fightersthey are sent to the east, in the vicinity of the city of Samarkand. The "students" are learning in the accelerated mode, and therefore in December 1941 they are sent to the front near Moscow. Together with them Alexander Safonov, a fearless soldier of the Soviet army, also goes to his new brigade.

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The first feat soldier

In the winter of 1942, Safonov met in Kalininfront. Here he was assigned to a ski battalion, as a signalman. This was not an easy task, as it was necessary to constantly penetrate into the rear of the enemy and transfer from there useful for artillery information. The most difficult thing in these operations was returning home, because it's one thing to penetrate the enemy's territory, and quite another to leave it.

In one of these sorties the Safonov's brigade wasforced to stay for a long time on the ground. In the courtyard there was a fierce frost, because of which the signalman's fingers quickly crept to the apparatus. As a result, upon returning to the base, doctors diagnosed the guy with severe frostbite. The only way out was the amputation of two fingers, which put an end to his service in the army.

But Alexander Safonov did not want to take such aExodus. After the completion of the operation, he personally came to his commander and long begged to leave him in the army. Naturally, the officer was touched by such devotion, in this connection, and decided to satisfy his request.

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Safonov Alexander - Soviet officer, not knowing fear

In August 1944, a young communications officer, together witha detachment of infantrymen imperceptibly crossed the Vistula River for the enemy. They were ordered to repair the broken telephone line, which in itself was a simple task. However, soon their group was discovered by the Germans, who immediately opened fire on them. And yet, the intrepid communications officer did not abandon his task and graduated with valor, despite the enemy's fire.

In February 1945, Alexander Safonov, being alreadycorporal, participated in the battles of the city of Poznan. Here a huge advantage was given to the enemy by a machine-gun bunker, capable of knocking out half of the company in an instant. But the valiant soldier managed to sneak up on him unnoticed and hang the embrasure with the body of a dead enemy. Thanks to this, their detachment was able to penetrate the territory of the city and destroy most of the German garrison.

In May 1945 Safonov Alexander distinguished himself asone of the most courageous fighters of the 35th separate communication battalion. He, risking his life, repaired 25 communications breaks with his own hands under the hail of German bullets. Thanks to this, the command was able to give accurate and competent orders to its troops throughout the battle.

However, the most valiant battle happened on January 281945 year. On this day Safonov Alexander was surrounded by numerous enemies. But this fact not only did not frighten the corporal, but also caused him an unprecedented fury. As a result, he personally killed 37 German soldiers, and even managed to take one prisoner.

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