Expedition is ... The main types of expeditions


An expedition is what? How is it different from a tourist trip or an ordinary walk? What types of expeditions exist? Let's try together to answer all these questions.

Variety of forms of tourism activities

Expedition, traveling, walking, trekking,excursion - all this can be considered forms of one kind of human activity, tourism. However, in this list it is necessary to allocate only one item - expedition. After all, it is very different from all other forms.

expedition trip

If the hiking trip is a goalgo a certain route, and the excursion - to visit a set of specific attractions, then quite an entirely different task is set by the expedition. This is a specific journey, carried out with a research goal. Accordingly, the process of preparation and direct conduct of such an event has its own characteristics.

Expedition is ... Types of expeditions

The term itself comes from the Latin wordexpeditio, which, in fact, translates as "hike", "journey". This is a long-term trip, which is carried out with any scientific, research or educational purpose. The spectrum of studied problems can be very diverse. The expedition members can explore the flora, terrain, soils, culture and traditions of a particular region or, for example, the manifestation of the social life of a large city.

Expedition can include the overcoming of natural barriers (mountain passes, rivers, caves, etc.). Therefore, its members must be well prepared physically.

The main types of expeditions include the following:

  • scientific;
  • field;
  • experimental;
  • geological;
  • botanical;
  • ethnographic;
  • architectural and others.

In terms of territorial coverage, they can be international and regional, in the mode of movement - on foot, road, bicycle or offshore.

expedition is

A special type of expeditionary journey is scientificexpedition. They can be either complex or narrow-profile. The modern scientific expedition is very difficult in the preparation and implementation of the event. As a rule, it involves a wide range of different specialists, as well as a number of instruments and special equipment.

Anyway, each expedition is unique and unique in its own way. One of them can observe changes in the color of the water in the riverbed of the Amazon River, and another - to study the number of stray dogs in Detroit.

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