What is the difference between a bee and a bee: a short guide for "dummies"


What is the difference between a bee and a bee, most peoplelearned at school. Some of this "mystery" was disclosed by friends, friends or relatives. At the same time, there are people who are still poorly versed in this matter. Interest in what differentiates the wasp from a bee, sharply awakens if a person is stung by some of these insects. Let's finally figure out which of these "flyers" produces the most delicious honey, and who behaves like a military aggressor, constantly attacking and causing pain.

the difference between a bee and a bee


The first thing that distinguishes a bee from a bee isexternal appearance. In flight, of course, it is quite difficult to look at the appearance of the flyer, but if you stand motionless for a minute and wait until the insect lands for a rest, then its type will not be so difficult to determine. Note the photo of the bee and the wasp.

photo bees and wasps
The latter refers to the sub-orderStem-chump, its body is long, has a noticeable and bright coloring, does not contain villi, ie, it is smooth. In the chest area, it seems to be drawn by a corset, from which the phrase "aspen waist" known to many has occurred. The bee looks a little different. According to the classification, it belongs to the group of the Hymenoptera, which, in turn, belongs to the superfamily Apoidea. Its body is round in shape and covered with small villi. The color of the bee is not as bright as the wasp. And if you look closely, you can see on the body yellow-black stripes.


The second difference between a wasp and a bee isFeatures of application of a sting: bees can use it only once in a lifetime, in the most extreme case. After the bite of this insect, her sting remains in the body of the victim, and the bee itself perishes. Another thing is a wasp, which never parted with its weapons and can attack several times in a row. All this affects the motivation of the bite, which you can learn more about. The bee stings only when it feels the real threat and danger of its life or hive. The Wasp has an intrusive and aggressive character and can attack for the most trivial reason.

the difference between a wasp and a bee

Type of life

The third difference between these flyers isthe fact that thanks to bees we have always the opportunity to enjoy delicious, wholesome and beautiful product from flower nectar. Who among us does not like honey? Probably, such people do not exist at all. In addition, do not forget about wax and propolis, which are raw materials for the manufacture of various medicines. Unlike the bee-worker, an idler does not make anything useful for a person. This insect lives in a hive built of various waste and garbage, and feeds on horrible things. Wasps are very unpretentious to eat and consume everything: nectar, jam, forgotten on the table, and watermelon ... If any midden gnat gets caught on the road, it will also go into action. In contrast, a bee is a real vegan, and this is another sign that helps to determine the difference between a bee and a bee.

We hope now that from now on we will understand whoit flies before you, it will not be so difficult. In any case, both bees and wasps do not need to be bothered again, since their bites can bring not only pain, but also serious consequences, especially when there is an allergy.

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