The phraseology "does not make a soul". The meaning and origin of the expression


The phraseology of the "soul does not cherish" is often found in literary works and in speech. However, not all students know the meaning of this expression, which leads to misunderstanding of the text and its meaning.

The meaning of the phraseology "do not cherish the soul"

In order to understand the meaning of phraseology,it is necessary to consider in detail the expression "the soul does not chaet." The meaning of this phrase is one, it does not have a hidden implication. Phraseology means unrestrained love for someone, great trust and adoration. The meaning of phraseology is not entirely understandable due to the unusual verb "vertex".

Soul does not value the meaning

The origin of phraseology

"Souls do not cherish" - a phraseology that has long beenjust a phrase, an expression without any sustainable meaning. This word combination was once formed by two words: the verb "to chew" and the noun "soul". The verb "to grin" was used before, but then it became obsolete. It was formed from the non-preserved verb "chati", which used to be close in meaning to today's "believe, think, count, expect, hope." A few centuries ago, the verb "to lament" was vain, in the works it was used only by commoners, beggars, peasants.

Souls do not cheat phraseology

We can say that this verb is the strongestinfluenced the formation of the phraseology "the soul does not chaet," whose significance today is to love. The philologists did not find an answer to the question of why the verb "chajat" in this expression changed its meaning.

The phraseology of the "soul does not cherish" fell in love with manywriters and poets. In the works of the 18-19th centuries, this expression is often found not only in the speech of the heroes, but also in the narrative on behalf of the author. It is interesting that phraseology is colloquial, prostitute, and is used more in classical works.

Synonyms for the phraseology "do not cherish the soul"

An important feature of each phraseology isin that it has a synonym in the form of another phraseology or its meaning can be conveyed in one word. Not the exception is the expression "the soul does not cherish." A synonym for it can be chosen with both word and expression. For example: love, adore, trust, etc. Synonyms-phraseology will be the following expressions:

  1. Loving without mind - phraseology does not mean thatsomeone loves without applying his mind. The meaning of expression is a great love for someone, a feeling of delight for a person. As you know, the words that make up phraseological units, in combination with each other, can lose their meaning fully or partially. This phenomenon is observed in this phraseology.
  2. Light wedge came together - again, thisphraseology is synonymous with the expression "the soul does not cheet," the meaning of which means to love someone. In this phraseology, all words change their meaning and a completely new expression is formed, the meaning of which can not be predicted without a dictionary.
  3. Fall in love without memory - this is another synonymous phraseology.

Souls do not cherish synonyms

Quite popular today is the phraseological "soul does not chaet," the value of which must be known for erudition. In the school curriculum this expression is studied in literature and Russian language lessons.

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