The term "leveling" is how to understand?


Where did this strange word come from in Russian?- "leveling"? Now the media is full of this term. But sometimes its meaning changes from positive to negative, and vice versa. For example: "The military conflict leveled the value of human life." In this case, the term is used as a clearly negative one. That is, the value of the individual as such is destroyed. But is it possible to equate the terms "level" and "eliminate"? In another case, we read: "The fall of the dollar was offset by investment infusions." Here the term means "smooth out". Leveling means also neutralizing some negative processes. And quite at a dead end puts us technical literature. It turns out that surveyors and builders are actively engaged in leveling. And they do it with the help of a certain device. It is called - the level. On the origin of the term, its various meanings and instances of use, read this article.

Leveling it

French-Russian metamorphosis

Some researchers believe that"Leveling" is a German word. But it got to us through the French. In the homeland of the Musketeers, the strict term nivellieren, which meant "align", began to be used very widely. So, there were two main models of use. The first was very close to niveau - "water level". The term meant calculating the difference from some landmark - for example, the level of the ocean. The second word - "niveler" presupposed "smoothing, elimination of differences, roughness". In the Russian language, a Slavic ending was attached to the foreign root, and the term began to be exploited in both meanings. Hence the confusion arose. Well, now let's figure out what it means to level.

Technical term

In geography and geodesy, the word "level" isa very unambiguous term, devoid of all enigmatic ambiguity. It assumes a process, as a result of which it is possible to calculate the altitude difference with respect to any selected landmark. Most often such a starting point is the level of the World Ocean. You can level with the help of different instruments: a theodolite and a tacheometer, a barometer and hydrostatically connected vessels, echo sounders and radar. Builders when leveling the site for the building are guided not by the sea level, but by a certain cornerstone. With the help of a level and slats, they make a geometrical study of the terrain in order to detect the difference in heights.

Level out the value

Leveling is to smooth out

What do builders do when it turns out thatThey will have to build a house on a sloping surface? That's right, they align this area. Rip off the ground from a high point and fall asleep on a low level. So instead of the usual slope you get an even terrace. From builders, the word migrated into a conversational language. It means "smooth out negative differences", "eliminate unnecessary discrepancies." What synonyms or sayings carry the same meaning? This is "to come to a common denominator in the dispute" (to smooth the contradictions in the discussion with the help of compromise mutual concessions). The word is also used as a synonym for the word "alignment". It is also used in a negative way. Here is a simple example: "Inflation neutralizes the growth of wages". Here, the saying "sew on soap" is close in meaning.

What does it mean to level

The leveling is to depersonalize

In colloquial speech, the term was adopted and completelyradical meaning. Elimination of differences in the difference in heights at the construction site has grown into the destruction of individual traits, depersonalization. The term carries a pronounced negative semantic load. It is used as a synonym for "leveling". For example: "Globalization levels national cultural differences". In Russian there are many sayings that accurately convey the meaning of this concept. Here, and "cut one size fits all", and "sum up for one rank", and "fit under one color." Unlike the maxim "Effective measures of the MES have leveled the consequences of a natural disaster for the population", this meaning of the term can never be used in a positive way.

Leveling this means

Zero and destroy

But what about the previously mentioned "levelingvalues ​​of human life "? Here the term acquires a new meaning. In this case, "leveling" the value has to "reduce to zero", "destroy". Here the synonym is the term "liquidate", but smoothly, progressively. Here is a simple example: "Over the decade of the rule of the current regime, there has been a significant leveling of rights and freedoms." That is, it's rather about depreciation. But not all destruction is negative. In the key of "elimination", such leveling can be used as a progressive positive process. It is possible to give an example: "Appointed to the post of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Mr. ynerek is called upon to neutralize the negative image of the militia among the people." As you can see, the term is multi-valued, and you need to use it with the mind.

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