What should be a playground in the kindergarten and yard


For the development of the younger generation todaythere is a huge amount of aids. This is a different kind of toys, computer programs, as well as metal or wooden playgrounds, through which the child trains not only the muscles of the body, but also the brain.

children's playgrounds made of wood
What is our life? A game

Probably everyone knows that the game for the child -a very important element of personal development. Practically in any fun of children their life, views on the world and manners of behavior in this or that situation are reflected. That is why it is valuable in that in the process the kids learn, know the world and form their opinion about this or that act. Moving games are designed to develop the physical abilities of children, teach them to dispose of their own forces and try to reach new heights, imitating or even trying to become better than their friends. If to sum up, in their entertainment children learn important moments that will be useful in life. First of all, such actions help the kid to look at himself from the outside and assess his capabilities, as well as the child tries to provide his steps and think through a strategy for winning the competition. And most importantly, children understand that they need to be friends and trust each other.

playground in kindergarten

Playground in the kindergarten or in the yard -the necessary structure, where the child can train not only his physical, power, but also mental abilities. In addition, the plus is that these games are held on the street, in the open air, and this is very useful for children. Staying in the playground, the kids spend physical strength, directing their irrepressible energy into the right, good channel. The game complexes themselves are quite different: some consist of a pair of swings and a slide, but good ones are those where besides the standard elements there are also various labyrinths, horizontal bars, sandboxes.


Playground in kindergarten or yardmust meet certain requirements. The most important is the safety of the child's playing place. It is necessary that all the details of the roundabouts and horizontal bars are securely fixed, the corners are smoothed out, sharp details are excluded. The site should be a safe place where it is impossible to injure various parts of the baby's body. All materials from which the complex is made must meet sanitary and hygienic standards, be hypoallergenic and of good quality. Therefore, children's playgrounds of wood are very much appreciated today, although they are less durable. It is also important to care for gaming devices, especially for sand in the sandbox. It is unacceptable that in the morning the children would have fun there, and in the evening animals would cope.

wooden playgrounds

In addition to safety, a playground in the children'sgarden or in the yard should also be attractive for children, such as where they would like to play. Kids definitely like brightly painted horizontal bars and rockers, an interesting decor of the site and the presence of their favorite fairy-tale heroes in the form of figures or drawings.


Children's playground in kindergarten should also beuniversal and consist of as many elements as possible. In the game, the guys have to try everything: running, jumping, climbing, skating, somersaulting, rolling, hovering, etc. Only where there is an opportunity to try all of the above, children will satisfy their needs for mobile games.

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