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To humiliate is to belittle, to belittle. The word is often found in literary texts. What are the root words for this verb in Russian? And what synonyms for the word "belittle" can be selected? This we will discuss later in the article.

belittle it

Morphological composition and meaning of the word

"Humbling" is a word that consists of the following elements:

  • prefixes (y-);
  • of the root (-mal-);
  • suffix (-I-);
  • postfix (-y).

"Humbling" is a lexical unit thathas a homophone "beg." A root word to a verb, the meaning of which is considered in this article is "depreciation," that is, an abasement, a reduction of something. "Pray" comes from the noun "supplication." These verbs are often confused. Spelling mistakes in them are often made due to a lack of understanding of lexical meaning. To understand this, examples are helpful:

  • The prisoners pleaded for mercy (they asked).
  • This act does not detract from his merits before the Fatherland (does not diminish).

synonyms for a word to belittle


In addition to the above values, to belittle is"depreciate", "limit". In modern colloquial speech, this verb is not so common, nor are words that are single-root to it. But it can not be called archaic. When the word "belittle" is found in the text, as a rule, it is an understatement of something intangible, for example, meaning, role, dignity.

To stupefy is a verb to which one can alsochoose as synonyms such words as "belittle", "cut". However, the stylistic connotation that this word possesses allows in most cases to replace it with the neutral notion of "reduce":

  • All told by bibliographers about the poet's personal life, does not detract from the role of his work in Russian literature.
  • Do not belittle your dignity, justify yourself and do samoyedstvom.

In legal terminology, there is such a thing as "derogation of rights and freedoms". In this case, the noun "restriction" is a synonym:

  • In Russia, laws that derogate the rights of a citizen are not issued.
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