Sentences with the word "lesson" in different meanings


It is strange and interesting to realize that there are words written and sounding the same, but having different meanings.

Meanings of the word

The noun "lesson" has several related meanings:

sentence with the word lesson

  • a time interval of 45 minutes in secondary schools devoted to the study of one subject;
  • tutoring, teaching at home, private entrepreneurship;
  • homework, assigned to consolidate the material studied and prepare for studying a new topic;
  • notation, moralizing;
  • instructive, often negative, experience, allowing to make some or other conclusions for the future;
  • at the enterprise - a certain amount of work to be done during the shift or part thereof;
  • kind of tribute in the Old Russian princedom.

Sentences with the word "lesson" in different meanings

Just learning the meaning of the noun is not enough. To consolidate the theoretical knowledge, it will be useful to carefully study the examples below and formulate sentences with the word "lesson".

  • Vladislav fell ill with the flu, it seemed to him that the lesson lasted 450 minutes (class at school).
  • After the lessons the pupils of the ninth grade went to the exhibition in the museum of local lore.
  • Salaries were not enough, Lyudmila Alexandrovna was working on lessons (tutoring).
  • To earn lessons, you need to issue a patent.
  • Did you do all the homework (homework)?
  • How many lessons do they ask in the first grade?
  • How could I tired of your tedious lessons (moralizing).
  • His lessons passed by Misha's ears, heart and brain.
  • I got a good lesson: no one will persuade me to play preference (conclusion based on experience).
  • Too expensive for Alexei this lesson: in a year he lost almost all his loved ones.
  • The worker did the lesson in a few hours, but he could not leave home early (the daily rate).

sentence with a word lesson in different meanings

  • Make as many sentences as possible with the word "lesson".
  • The landowner has imposed an exorbitant lesson on the peasants (tribute, obrok).
  • Lenski freed his serfs from the lesson, which provoked discontent among his neighbors, and then gave them free at all.

And now make sentences with the word "lesson" yourself.

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