Where did the word "spam" come from? Origin


What is mass e-mail distribution?mail, everyone knows. But where the word "spam" came from is known to a few. In Russian it appeared not so long ago. However, the history of mass mailing begins in the XIX century, when one large American company began sending telegraphic messages about its activities to numerous destinations.

where did the word spam come from

Before I tell you about where the word came from "spam", it is worth mentioning that under this notion followswe mean advertising not only via email, but also in SMS, social networks and so on. Among the diversity of species, of course, the first predominates. Mail. But there was a term long before the creation of e-mail.

So where did the word come from? "spam", and what does it mean? It is easy to guess that the term is of English origin. Spam translates as "canned sausage stuffing". Perhaps this information is not gives answer to the question of where the word came from "spam". And still?

where did spam come from and what does it mean

Where did the word "spam" come from? Origin of the term

In the thirties of the last century, a company was established in the United States, selling food products. Soon a new trademark was registered. It was abridged form of the phrase, which in Russian is translated as "ham with spices". What does the word mean? "spam"? This is an abbreviation of English: spiced ham. As we see, in order to answer the question of where the word "spam" came from, it is not enough to translate it into Russian. To sausage stuff he, if anything, has something to do with, then indirect.

The company did not produce sausage. Rather, stuffing with a dubious composition. Products under the SPAM trademark were very popular in the pre-war period. In the forties, the company actively produced minced meat and supplied the army. Soon canned food began to produce for the Allies. As you know, the war for some very nimble entrepreneurs - mother dear. In the early forties, the company blossomed, her production increased several times. But unexpectedly for the merchants the war still ended. Canned food left.

where did the word spam originate from

Start of spam

Warehouses were crowded with cans withstuffing. Fat Americans were not eager to eat second-class products. They should have been convinced that the products manufactured under the trademark SPAM - qualitative, useful, nutritious. But how to do that? The advertising campaign, which has taken unprecedented scale, came to the rescue. In buses, trams, on the sides of ships - everywhere there were obsessive offers to buy at least a few cans of appetizing ham. The Americans did not arouse much interest in this product, but the company managed to sell a significant batch overseas. AT devastated war Europe inexpensive canned food came in handy.

Telegraphic dispatch

Years passed, and canning "spam" order bored. The company no longer produced minced meat. His stock finally ran out. Where did the word come from "spam" in the modern sense of it? At the beginning of the article, a company was mentioned that yet at the end of the XIX century carried out a massdispatch by telegraph. The content of the messages was purely commercial. Prominent politicians became addressees. This newsletter has become an unprecedented event in the business world.

When in the nineties the Internet began to gain momentum, and enterprising businessmen in search of ways of effective advertising - "clog up" mailboxes of users, someone, apparently, remembered both canned food and telegraphic dispatch. So and a term has appeared that is used today by millions of users every day.

which means spam

Types of advertising

There are several types of spam. This is the usual mailing, and advertising of illegal products, and anti-advertising, and the so-called Nigerian letters. Word "spam" has a negative connotation, even if speech goes advertising of legitimate products. Nevertheless, this advertising tool is a success. Users, despite the hostility to it, resort to services, acquire goods advertised through spam.

Various measures of protection against him are being created. However, none of them will become effective until people abandon the information they receive through spam. Today, many companies still use this advertising tool. What is its advantage? First, in low cost. Secondly, in a large coverage of potential customers.

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