Why is New York called the Big Apple? Interesting facts about New York


One of the biggest and majestic citiesthe world is considered to be New York. Many people enjoy visiting this beautiful city. All tourists know why New York is called the Big Apple. In many films, the beauty of a huge city is shown, and New Yorkers are proud to be living there.

why new york is called a big apple

A little bit about the history of New York

Initially, the state was populated by indigenous Indians. The first researcher who discovered the city was Giovanni Verazano, an Italian researcher. He called it New Angouleme, and a year later a Dutchman named Henry Hudson insisted on giving the state the name of New Amsterdam. And only later the British gave the city its name.

Buying an Island

After a while, the Duke of York boughtisland, and later seized and lands that belonged to the Dutch. He named this area in honor of himself - New York. And only later will everyone know why New York is called the Big Apple. This was preceded by a story.

What city is called the Big Apple?

One of the hypotheses in the nineteenth guidebookcentury home with ill-fame says that New York had the glory of the city with the best "apples" (in this case, the word-euphemism, which denotes women of easy virtue) in the world. Another hypothesis is that the name is like a book by writer Edward Martin called "The Traveler in New York." There are many assumptions that explain why New York is called the Big Apple.

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Why did the city get its nickname?

And yet New York is a big apple. Why? There is also a hypothesis that journalist John Fitzgerald called New York that way, because he heard how African-American grooms in New Orleans said that every jockey's dream was to participate in races in New York. It was they who called the Big Apple. In New York, it was then that the races took place. And many people came there from different parts of America.
Also, many believe that such a namecomes from the fact that one group of jazz musicians called the place of their performances "Big Apple". In New York there is Harlem, which is considered the jazz capital of the world. Since then, the city has been given the nickname Big Apple.

new york great apple why

32 Interesting facts about New York

1. A Dutch researcher, named Peter Minueit, bought the southern part of Manhattan Island from an Indian tribe for about $ 24.
2. The city was twice proclaimed the capital of the USA.
3. The first name of the city was New Amsterdam.
4. Residents of the city spend an average of about forty minutes a day to get to their work.
5. Central Park of the city in size is much larger than the principality of Monaco.
6. According to the publication Crain's in 2007, an apartment in Manhattan cost about a half million dollars.
7. The Senate is the most important authority in the city.
8. More than 47% of city residents do not speak English.
9. The famous taxi in the city is yellow, because the founder of the transport company John Hirz conducted certain studies that showed that it is the yellow color that is most pleasing to the eye.
10. In 2006, the daily price of rooms in the hotels of the city was $ 267.
11. On the New York metro, about 5 million people travel every day.
12. Annually about 250 films are shot in the city.
13. The city includes five districts: the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Queens.
14. The length of all the streets in the city is more than ten kilometers.
15. The Statue of Liberty is one of the symbols of New York. It was given to the United States by the French in 1885.

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16. The height of the statue is forty-six meters.
17. There are more than 30,000 homeless people in the city, most of them can be seen in Manhattan.
18. The city takes good care of the homeless, so they are fed them every day in specially designated places for hot food and provide a place to sleep.
19. New York is not such a criminal city as it is commonly believed. He occupies the 197th place in the crime rate among US megacities.
20. Often, New York falls into the rating of cities where the most beautiful women live.
21. The most criminal areas of the city are the Bronx and Queens.
22. Residents of the city are very tolerant towards other religions.
23. Authorities are actively fighting against smoking, so smoking is prohibited in many places.
24. Moreover, cigarettes are very expensive there - about $ 12 per pack.
25. At night in the subway cars you can see huge rats.
26. The first gum manufacturing factory was opened in New York.
27. It is very difficult to be in the city in the summer. Heat and high humidity have the effect of a sauna, so residents tend to go out of town at least for the weekend.
28. There are about 25 thousand different restaurants and bars in the city for every taste.
29. Tipping is accepted to leave in the amount of 15-20% of the amount in the account, but not less than 5 dollars.
30. New York is considered a city of musicals by right. Every evening you can see a performance in one of Broadway's theaters.
31. There are about 50 million tourists a year in the city, which annually spend about 30 billion dollars.
32. New York is one of the ten cities in the world with the most numerous plugs.

what city is called a big apple

Love at first sight

In this article we told why New Yorkcalled the Big Apple, and also brought interesting facts about this amazing city. There are many hypotheses about his nickname, but no one knows exactly which one is the most correct one. Yes, this, by and large, and it does not matter, since every year the number of tourists only grows. Many people want to visit this American city. A big apple is a place that people fall in love with forever.

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