What is talent? - work with a creative approach


What is talent?", Like any other work on the Russian language and literature, has its own form. It can be a narrative, a description, a reasoning or something of an average (as it is customarily called - a mixed form). To make the essay "beautiful", you must also choose a specific style and style. In general, it will be necessary to work. However, not everything is as difficult as it may seem.

What is talent?

The main idea is the benchmark of the whole essay

For the essay "What is talent?""It was easier to write, you need to determine the main idea for yourself first. Since the topic is very creative and even individual, the student will have to think about what to write about. Each schoolchild has his own understanding of such a word as "talent". And this, by the way, is another feature of this work. It is aimed not only at the development of written and oral speech, but also on reflection, the disciple's reasoning. Working on such a composition, you get a lot to understand - about art and its types, about the specifics of this activity, about the sciences and about many other things. This work expands the horizon, because talent is a concept that concerns not only art, choreography or music.


What is talent?", Most likely, should be fulfilled as reasoning. This is the most appropriate form of presentation for this topic. And all because initially there is a question in the title of the topic. And it is addressed to the student. Its main task is to answer this question. A detailed answer implies in this case the statement, and then - its detailed analysis. What does it look like? Actually it's very simple. Suppose a student states the following: "A talent is a person's predisposition to any area of ​​activity. One is destined to be architects, the other to lawyers, the third to publicists. " This phrase should be justified. How everything will be arranged depends on the student. In this case, you need to express your opinion and try to convince the reader that it is correct. Strictly speaking, this is the whole task of journalism. An essay, that is, an essay is a journalistic genre.

 what is a talent composition


"What is talent?""- an essay that, like all other essays, has its own structure. And for an essay to be properly written, it must be taken into account. This is a prerequisite. The first obligatory part of any composition is an introduction. The second is the main one, i. content. And the third, of course, conclusion. As you can see, the structure is as simple as possible, so it is easy to follow it. Everyone once in his life wrote an essay, so that the work on the topic "Talent" will not bring problems. The main thing is to follow the logical sequence, and also remember that it is necessary to solve the problem. Hence, strictly speaking, the three-part structure went. In the introduction, the student briefly identifies the topic, problem or question, in the middle part - reveals it, makes statements, justifies them, proves them. And in conclusion - sums up all that was said above, making a logical conclusion.

essay on the topic of talent

Conclusion: how to draw up correctly?

For many schoolchildren the most difficult partis the conclusion. Not everyone knows how best to sum up and that it is generally necessary to write in it. It would seem that everything is very clear! But the conclusion is needed. The most popular way to finish your writing is ... a quote. A well-known statement suitable for the topic. In this case, complete the essay "What is talent?" can be as follows: "In every man there is definitely a spark. Gift, talent. Large, or not, but it is available. The most important thing is to reveal it, express yourself, show what only you can. After all, as Socrates said, everyone has the sun. We just need to let it shine. "

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