One of the most urgent questions of Hatij Sultan's fans is the cause of death, biography


These articles "Hatije Sultan: cause of death, biography "will be significantly different from the data reproduced in the series" The Magnificent Age ", which broke all records of popularity. The disparity of the series with historical facts led to numerous protests of residents of Turkey. The series is made according to all the laws of the genre and is good in that it aroused interest in this country and its history.

Every hero of the film evokes lively interest, especially the immediate relatives of Suleiman the Magnificent.

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Hatije Sultan Cause of Death biography
Cause of death, this woman's biography becamevery burning topics. Much to our regret, the historical data about this woman are not numerous and very different. Historians even challenge the marriage of Khatija and Ibrahim, although according to many evidences, the wedding was spent 15 days.

It is known for certain that Hatije was the youngestsister of Suleiman I, who, besides her, had 3 more sisters and 3 brothers. All three brothers died during the smallpox pandemic that swept Turkey in the 1920s, which took half of the country's population.

Was born Hatidzhe in the city of Manisa, the capitalthe province of the same name in 1496. Father - Sultan Selim I (1465 - 1520). Mother - Aishe Hafsi Sultan (1479 - 1534), the first woman to receive the title of Walide Sultan, one of the most revered in Turkey. Historians argue about the royal origin of her blood. However, at the time of Khatija's birth, her mother had already given birth to an heir and was in a special privileged position, which automatically extended to her daughter. The girl grew like a princess of blood. There is evidence that Khatija was beautiful, tender and well educated. And despite this, the first time she married she came out quite late, at 23 years old. Her first husband was an aged Iskander Pasha. The marriage was concluded, of course, not for love. After the rapid death of her husband from the consumption of Hatije in 1518, he returns to his mother.

hatije sultan biography cause of death
Despite the fact that the time in which she lived,is called "The Magnificent Age", in fact it was very cruel. As a matter of fact, the killing of relatives who could claim the throne was taken. According to some reports, Suleiman was involved in the murder of 40 relatives, which did not prevent him from being known as "the kindest and wisest" in the ages. Perhaps the murders were justified by the preservation of the integrity of the state.

And is it incomprehensible to the alarm of numerous admirers of the serial Khatija, wishing to learn about the real facts of her life contained in the articles on "Hatije Sultan: cause of death, biography".

Indeed, it is hard to imagine that she died a non-violent death after the execution of Ibrahim Pasha.

Great love story

Under the native roof of Khatizde lived 6 years, induring which they could observe the rapid growth of the career of the Great Vizier Ibrahim, who was extraordinarily talented in many ways. She fell in love with him and in 1524 she married this extraordinary man, despite her mother's protest.

hatije sultan cause of death
Being in a happy marriage for 12 years, Hatijegave birth to Ibrahim three children, the first of whom, the boy Mehmed, died shortly after birth. After a while, twins appeared, according to some reports, they were two girls, on the other - a boy and a girl.

For the prescription of times and because of the fact that inSultanate, as in other monarchic countries, there were court secrets, it is possible to know only the date of death, but not its cause. Therefore, it is quite difficult to answer specifically and frequently the frequently asked question about Hatida Sultan (cause of death, biography).

It is much easier to talk about Ibrahim Pasha, whorose to unimaginable rank. He was given the nickname "pet", "European" and even "splendid", characterizing his beauty, education, talents and attitude to him Suleiman. But all this did not help him avoid in 1536 a brutal murder. So far, the walls of the Topkana Palace have traces of his bloody palms. He was buried as a man of the lowest class: on the roadside, without a gravestone, confiscating all his property.

Who after watching the series with his murder cansuggest that in the article "Hatije Sultan: biography" the cause of death will not be interpreted as violent? But there are no indisputable, and indeed none at all, data that this sister of Suleiman was killed.

Many then, and now do not like Hurrem and willinglybelieve in another fact proving her bloodthirstiness. In our time, the accusation of the beloved wife of the Sultan in the murder of her beloved sultan's sister is called "black PR".

In those days the female age was very short, at 50she was considered an old woman. Few women, especially those of the royal blood, lived to the age of 42, the age of Khatija Sultan, whose cause of death was the cruel execution of her beloved husband. She survived him for two years and died in 1538.

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