The origin and meaning of the phraseology "retired goat drummer"


With respect to the worthless, disrespectful in societya person interrupted by casual earnings, sometimes a half-joking expression of "retired goat drummer" is used. The meaning of phraseology, despite the existence of several versions of its origin, remains unclear and vague. It is likely that there was a substitution of concepts or a mixture of consonances, and the original meaning of the proverb was irretrievably lost.

the meaning of the phraseology of a retired goat drummer

Barker and accompanist in the company of strolling artists

The main option that explains the meaningphraseology "retired goat drummer", it is considered a tradition to keep a person in the mobile theater, entertaining the audience by playing on the drum or tambourine. Such a simple art could take possession of a child and a child, a weak old man. Often the work was entrusted to retired soldiers, ready to perform the role of musician and barker for the most modest payment. Yes, and where was the servant who gave up a quarter of a century of the army, who did not manage to have a family and learn a serious trade?

The main hero of the presentation of comedians usuallywas a trained bear, guided by the guide. Amusing spectators jokes and jokes actor, dressed in a women's sarafan and mask, reminiscent of the head of a horned animal. With this improvised "goat", there was an accompanist who beat the rhythmic fraction.

retired goat drummer the value of phraseology
One can imagine such a scene:to a man in a dilapidated military uniform and with a drum in hands is drawn by someone from the public: "Is it really a servant?". To which the soldier, stretching himself into a string and putting his hand to the band of his cap, answers: "No, no - a retired, goat drummer!" The meaning of phraseology is briefly and literally explained, most likely, by this statement thrown accidentally or intentionally by a roving actor. Here, self-irony sounds clearly: "I used to be necessary and in demand, but now I am doing nonsense".

Non-existent position

Consider a slightly different meaning of phraseology.A retired goat, a drummer, is a person who ascribes to himself an imaginary merit, assuring others of his outstanding professional abilities, business connections and career achievements. "I am a director, a boss, a tough businessman, I have a friendship with the Rothschild family and the Rockefellers!" - an individual characterizes himself in this way. But when it comes to concrete actions, it turns out that he is zero without a wand, and all his stories are only the fruit of an irrepressible fantasy.

It is possible that exposing such a lieinterpreted the meaning of the phraseology "retired goat drummer." So they said, having learned the truth about a man who pretended to be an influential official, while working as a petty clerk or janitor. And here the goat and the drummer? Apparently, the popular heroine of Russian folk tales, along with the musician who served her, accidentally crept into a pun that depicts the ridiculousness of a fictitious braggart post.

Lonely Judge

There is a version that the meaning of phraseology"Retired goat drummer" goes back to the custom accepted in the eastern countries to accompany the exit of the Shariah judge to the people with drum beats. The judge (in the Turkic "kazi") sooner or later resigned, ceased to enjoy his privileges. Accordingly, the former drummer lost his former importance. Originally in the expression it was a question of a retired kazi, in the course of time an unusual word, thanks to consonance, was transformed into a "goat".

Equal! Carefully! Eyes on the goat!

Revealing the meaning of phraseology "retired goatdrummer ", we can not fail to mention the tradition existing in the UK from the middle of the XIX century, the tradition of enrolling in the royal regiment of fusiliers the most real goat. The animal is assigned the rank of junior corporal, it is recorded under the name of William Windsor. Like any serviceman, the goat is supposed to have monetary maintenance, uniform, food allowance. Younger in rank when a goat appears, must give him credit.

retired goat drummer meaning phraseology briefly
Accompanied by the "goat major" Williamparticipates in military exercises and solemn parades. When a certain age is reached, the goat is sent to retirement with honors, and in his place a special commission selects the new William Windsor. How to know? Perhaps the phraseology about the goat and the drummer was born thanks to the horned corporal seen in the ranks of British troops, seen by some of the Russian jokers?

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