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The army is an inevitable phenomenon, and run from it asin the 1990s, most young people no longer aspire. According to statistics from the Ministry of Defense, 75% of men aged 18 to 27 served in the Russian Armed Forces. Urgent service ceased to be a scarecrow and for many 1 or 2 years "in boots" became a source of pleasant memories and a time of obtaining invaluable experience.

This is the reason for the increased popularity of the corresponding type of folklore - poems, jokes, songs and quotations about the army, the service, the mores of soldiers and officers.

quotes about the army

"Great minds" of the world about the army

Most of the important personalities werecommanders of the armies, rulers of their states or for a long time revolved in military circles. Ancient thinkers, ministers and presidents of different countries, generals - they all left in the legacy of the world a lot of quotes about the army and the circumstances associated with it:

  • The soldier requires endurance and patience. Courage is not required. (Napoleon Bonaparte)
  • The soldier's pack is not heavier than the chains of a prisoner of war. (Dwight D. Eisenhower)
  • Any business can be done in 3 ways: right, wrong and "like in the army." (American proverb)
  • Once broken armies learn well. (VI Lenin)
  • In the army, death is not considered a valid reason for non-compliance with the order. (Russian proverb)

Statements by army officers

This layer of quotations about the army is filled with humor,because most of it comes from accidental reservations by military personnel. And in the early 90's was even released a small collection of statements by officers of the Soviet Army, many of which were pronounced back in the 1970s. They are still being laughed at.

  • Live like pigs in a den!
  • Dig from the fence and before lunch. I agreed with the shovels.
  • Silence, I'm asking you!
  • After the command "End", the time of day begins.

quotes about the army for girls

However, there is also a serious layer of aphorisms dedicated to higher officers:

  • Generals always prepare for the last war. (W. Churchill)
  • Nothing lifts morale like a dead general. (John Master)
  • The officer will not become a good commander if the corporal stops fearing. (Bruce Marshall)

Soldier's wit

Most popular aphorisms about soldiers were voiced at the time by Generalissimo Alexander Suvorov. Including:

  • Every warrior must know his maneuver.
  • Where the deer will pass - there the soldier will pass.
  • While fighting is in progress, rescue healthy comrades, and the wounded will be picked up without you. You will beat the enemy - it will be good: both wounded and healthy.
  • Service and friendship, like 2 parallel lines - do not converge.
  • Among the lower ranks there are also heroes.
  • It is easy in teaching - hard in the campaign, hard in teaching - easy on the campaign.

quotes about the army for girls waiting guys from the army

In addition to the serious "block", the "cool" quotes about the army are very in demand, they sang the wit of the soldier, his stupidity and unenviable position.

  • When you become a soldier, forget the usual dreams. Kiss with the machine gun and prapore give flowers.
  • The soldiers consider it as a demobilization.
  • If the soldier says "did not take," that means he will not give it up.
  • If you want to become a soldier, scold the dean with a mat.
  • A soldier is always a brazen face, an empty stomach and not a gram of conscience!

Aphorisms and statuses of girls

It so happened that quotes about the army for girls,waiting for the guys from the army, not too much. Widely known only one and not with the most pleasant meaning: "The girl who waited for her boyfriend in the" citizen "is a museum rarity."

Most of the popular folklore on this topic is represented by phrases for statuses in social networks, where the fair sex is trying to express its longing for the beloved. Among them:

  • I'm a girl soldier!
  • He was waiting for me after school, and now I'm waiting for him. From the army.
  • Between us 4 hours by bus, but the checkpoint of your part I can not overcome.
  • Many have guys, but soldiers - not everyone.

Sometimes among the statuses and quotes about the army for girls there are approaches with humor:

  • The girl that awaits a guy from the army - this is not Hatiko. But also well done!
  • The army is a bitch. Leads our guys.
  • I solemnly swear allegiance to my beloved soldier. I swear to strictly fulfill the duties of the "waiting girl", to cast off the males and bravely defend our love! (Oath of Fidelity).
  • Favorite for you a debt. 365 nights.

quotes about the army funny

The main thing about the war

Among the quotations about the army, a separate place is occupied bystatements about the war - a phenomenon quite serious and terrifying. As a rule, they do not even joke about it "just like that." Thinkers of antiquity and contemporaries - all recognize the necessity and even some inevitability of military action in the world:

  • The goal of any war is peace. (Aristotle)
  • The first victims of the war are truth, common sense and the ability to negotiate. (Johnson Hyrum)
  • War is war. It requires an iron discipline. (VI Lenin)
  • The victory depends on the valor of the legions. (Guy Julius Caesar)
  • Money is the artillery of war. (Peter the Great)
  • The war ends when the last soldier is buried. (Alexander Suvorov)
  • Either humanity will end the war, or war with humanity. (D. Kennedy)
  • Someday, either war will be out of fashion, or people.

In general, army humor occupies a large part of folklore and includes not only profound and humorous statements, but also dialogues, stories, anecdotes and poetic forms.

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