Natural phenomena. Examples of explainable and unexplained phenomena


The world of nature around us is just teeming with differentmysteries and riddles. Scientists for centuries are looking for answers and trying to explain sometimes inexplicable facts, but even the best minds of mankind still do not lend themselves to some amazing natural phenomena.

Sometimes it seems that the incomprehensibleflashes in the sky, spontaneously moving stones do not imply anything special. But, delving into the mysterious manifestations observed on our planet, you understand that it is impossible to answer many questions. Nature carefully conceals its secrets, and people put forth new hypotheses, trying to unravel them.

amazing natural phenomena

Today we will look at physical phenomena in living nature that will make you look at the world around in a new way.

Physical phenomena

Each body consists of certain substances, butpay attention to the fact that different actions affect differently on the same bodies. For example, if you break the paper in half, the paper will remain paper. But if you set it on fire, then it will leave ashes.

When the size, shape, state changes, but the substance remains the same and does not transform into another, such phenomena are called physical. They can be different.

physical phenomena in living nature

The phenomena of nature, examples of which we can observe in everyday life, are:

  • Mechanical. The movement of clouds in the sky, the flight of the aircraft, the fall of the apple.
  • Thermal. Caused by a change in temperature. In the course of this, the characteristics of the body change. If the ice is heated, it will become water, which is transformed into steam.
  • Electric. Surely, when quickly removing woolenclothes you once heard a specific crack, similar to the electric discharge. And if you do it all in a dark room, you can still watch the sparks. Items that, after rubbing, begin to attract lighter bodies, are called electrified. Northern lights, lightning during a thunderstorm are bright examples of an electrical phenomenon.
  • Light. The bodies that radiate light are called light phenomena. Here you can include the Sun, lamps and even representatives of the animal world: some species of deep-sea fish and fireflies.

Physical phenomena of nature, examples of which weconsidered above, are successfully used by people in everyday life. But there are some that still excite the minds of scientists and cause general admiration.

Northern Lights

Perhaps, this natural phenomenon rightfully has the status of the most romantic. High in the sky, multicolored rivers are formed that cover an endless number of bright stars.

amazing natural phenomena

If you want to enjoy this beauty, it is betterjust do it in the northern part of Finland (Lapland). There was a belief that the cause of the appearance of the Northern Lights was the wrath of the supreme gods. But the legend of the Saami people about the fairy fox, which struck its tail along snow-covered plains, was more popular, because of which the colored sparks soared up and illuminated the night sky.

Clouds in the form of pipes

Such a phenomenon of nature can drag any person for a long time into a state of relaxation, inspiration, illusion. Such sensations are created due to the shape of large tubes changing their shade.

natural phenomena examples

You can see it in those places where a stormy front begins to form. This phenomenon of nature is most often observed in countries with a tropical climate.

Stones that move in the Valley of Death

There are various phenomena of nature, exampleswhich are quite understandable from a scientific point of view. But there are some that do not lend themselves to human logic. One of the mysteries of nature are moving stones. This phenomenon can be observed in the American national park, called the Valley of Death. Many scientists try to explain the movement by strong winds, which are often found in the desert terrain, and the presence of ice, since it was in winter that the movement of stones became more intense.

physical phenomena in living nature

During the research, scientists made observations of 30 stones, the weight of which was not more than 25 kg. For seven years, 28 stone blocks of 30 moved 200 meters from the starting point.

Whatever the guesses of scientists, they have no unambiguous answer regarding this phenomenon.


A fireball that appears after a thunderstorm ortime is called ball lightning. There is a suggestion that Nicole Tesla managed to create a ball lightning in the conditions of her laboratory. He wrote that he did not see anything like it in nature (it was about fireballs), but he figured out how they formed, and even managed to recreate this phenomenon.

amazing natural phenomena

Scientists of our time could not achieve such results. And some even question the existence of this phenomenon as such.

We have considered only certain phenomena of nature,examples of which show how amazing and mysterious our world around us. How much more unexplored and interesting we have to learn in the development and improvement of science. How many discoveries awaits us in the future?

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