Military Higher Educational Institutions of Russia - Forge of Defenders of the Motherland


In Russia, military education has been and remainsA very popular choice for many young people. They are motivated not only by patriotism and the thirst for adventure and active life, but also by the relative prestige of the military profession. Military universities in Russia provide the widest choice of directions, among which you can find a lesson for yourself.

military universities of Russia

In addition, after admission, the student receivesfree travel to an educational institution, free meals, accommodation, medical care, provision of things. After graduation, the newly-minted lieutenants should be provided with an office separate living space or room in the hostel, an interest-free loan for 3 years, as well as the right to a good pension after twenty years of service and a fairly wide list of benefits and guarantees.

To date, from the Soviet one hundred and sixtywith less than a hundred universities, less than a hundred, because, due to the active reform of the armed forces, the number of military training institutions is declining. Military universities of Russia accept citizens with an average general or professional education, and this can be either people who have served, or who have not yet served. And the competition is quite high.

rating of military universities in Russia

Often children of hereditaryservicemen, continuing family traditions. Graduates receive not only the rank of lieutenant, but also higher special education - both military and civil, which is certified by a diploma.

The rating of military universities in Russia includesuniversities, where there is, in particular, prosecutorial and investigative and law faculties, faculties of foreign languages, journalism, culture and even foreign information relating to military industries. In addition to universities, there are also academies in which for six years they master various engineering specialties. There are, in particular, the Academy of Chemical Defense, the Academy of Air Defense, the Space Engineering Academy. There is also a whole network of military schools, including chemical protection, the rear. Quite apart, the sea military military schools of Russia stand side by side.

military high schools

Of course, there are several specificspecialties, vital in the troops. Professionals for them are trained in the Military Medical Academy. S. Kirov, in military medical institutes in Samara, Tomsk and Saratov, at the military-conductor faculty (he works at the Moscow Conservatory), at the Military Institute of Physical Culture. Tacticians are trained in the Novosibirsk Higher All-Arms Command School, and financiers in the Yaroslavl Higher Financial School. Military universities of Russia are also veterinary institute, academy of rear and transport, automobile institute in Chelyabinsk, artillery engineering schools in Tula and Penza.

In general, the list of professions that are available fortraining, is very wide. The most popular military universities in Russia are institutions in capitals and major cities. This is the Academy of Logistics and Transport in St. Petersburg, an engineering university in the same northern capital, a university of biological, chemical and radiation protection in Moscow and a military engineering university there.

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